In one study, one in six people admitted that they stay almost exclusively indoors all the time. That’s right. They stay cooped up inside for almost 24 hours, seven days a week.

The average folks aren’t doing any better, spending up to 90% of their time indoors.

Unfortunately, all this time spent between walls could be affecting our health. After all, indoor air could be anywhere from two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

This is especially true for homes that never had air duct cleaning before.

Were you aware that you even had to clean your air ducts? If so, then keep reading to learn all about the benefits of duct cleaning!

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1. Air Duct Cleaning Helps Keep Air Contaminants and Allergens at Bay

Your HVAC system delivers conditioned air to your home through the filters and air ducts. The filters help to capture and trap air contaminants before they get into your home. Once filtered, the heated or cooled air then passes through the air ducts and into your home.

HVAC filters, however, have a limited life span — you need to clean or change them after one to three months. Failure to do so will render them ineffective in filtering the air. When this happens, contaminated air may enter your home through the ducts.

Some of these pollutants and allergens may also settle in your air ducts. These particles can then mix with and contaminate the air that passes into your home.

This is good enough reason to want your air ducts clean at all times.

2. Minimize Asthma and Allergy Attacks

Almost 25 million Americans suffer from asthma. Another 50 million suffer from allergies every year. The contaminants and allergens in filthy air ducts can trigger or worsen asthma and allergy attacks. 

This should be another good enough reason to hire expert air duct cleaners, such as Proclean Air Duct Cleaning. They make use of powerful equipment to strip off dirt and debris build-up from your duct system. 

3. Make Your Home Less Attractive to Pests

Filthy air ducts attract vermin and pests, such as cockroaches and rodents. Not only may they settle in these dirty ducts; they may also reproduce and even die in there! 

You can prevent this through routine air duct cleaning services. By keeping your ducts clean, creepy crawlers will have less reason to invade them in the first place. 

4. Eliminate Molds Before They Spread

Conditioned air contains some level of moisture. This moisture can then make your air ducts prone to mold and mildew growth. Unfortunately, these microorganisms can also cause health problems, especially breathing difficulties. 

Avoid these health issues by having pros clean your air ducts ASAP. 

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned Now 

There you have it, the top reasons to schedule an air duct cleaning service. The sooner you get those ducts cleaned, the sooner you and your loved ones can breathe fresh air. Besides, clean air ducts also help make your HVAC system perform efficiently once again. 

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