Can Dirty Air Ducts Make You Sick?

benefits of air duct cleaning

Cleanliness is important in the home. The air you breathe has a huge impact on your health. If you don’t keep your air ducts clean, you may be vulnerable to infections and illnesses. In addition to the common cold, a dirty duct can lead to upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, and even a whole […]

How much will a portable air conditioner raise my electric bill?


Are you worried about how you will survive this summer because you don’t have an AC or the old one has broken? Why not give it a shot for a portable AC unit this time? Portable air conditioner are gaining more popularity these days because of their extensive convenient usage. It can be a great […]

Beating the Summer Heat with Commercial Portable Air Conditioners

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The heat temperature in Australia from December to February ranges from 20-30°C, but it can get as high as 38°C. That temperature will make you feel as if you are in a sauna. To add to this problem is the high humidity level which accompanies the hot weather, thus, causing so much discomfort for many […]

How An Air Purifier Will Affect Your Pet

Pets are incredible, for they provide companionship, protection, and entertainment whenever you need it. They can be awesome cuddle buddies filling you with so much joy and love. However, it is always not a walk in the park because you must pay the price for having a pet in your home. Talk of the bad […]

The Air Conditioning System – Advantages And Disadvantages

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Air conditioning systems are primarily used to lower the air humidity and filter the room air. Furthermore, air conditioning systems ensure a comfortable room temperature by cooling in summer and heating in winter. Below you will find an overview of mobile and wall mounted air conditioner and split units and their respective advantages and disadvantages. […]

4 Eye Opening Reasons to Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning

benefits of air duct cleaning

In one study, one in six people admitted that they stay almost exclusively indoors all the time. That’s right. They stay cooped up inside for almost 24 hours, seven days a week. The average folks aren’t doing any better, spending up to 90% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, all this time spent between walls could be affecting our […]

Best Air-Purifying Plants For The Home | The Best 10

indoor air purifying plants

Using air fresheners are long lost and people are looking forward to purifying the air in their homes with natural means. Yes, it’s correct you can choose the right air purifying plants that help to detoxify the air in your house and living spaces. The houseplants will not only look wonderful but they will also […]