Using air fresheners are long lost and people are looking forward to purifying the air in their homes with natural means. Yes, it’s correct you can choose the right air purifying plants that help to detoxify the air in your house and living spaces.

The houseplants will not only look wonderful but they will also improve your home’s air quality​ so that you can breathe​ freshness. No electricity and power supply is needed, just a little care of tiny species and they are good to spread freshness.  


To give your home a healthy punch of fresh air we have listed the best air purifying plants available and their usage to obtain the maximum benefits.  

  1. English Ivy – An easy growing plant that helps to clear the faecal particles from the​ air and purifies it well. They are perfect for your suites or even bathrooms. They also help to combat mould levels at your home. All they need is required watering and sunlight for 4 hours in a day to work efficiently.  
  2. Chrysanthemum – They are believed to brighten up your kitchen or living room.​ They filter the toxins out of your house and bloom inside. Ammonia and Benzene are cleared too that are found in detergents, glue and plastics. Place them in sunlight as they love sun rays.  
  3. Barberton Daisy – Available in a plethora of colours like yellow, orange, pink, etc.​ they effectively help to flush the toxins such as trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, etc. They are proven cleansers and keep the environment fresh and healthy. The plant should be placed in a room that gets plenty of sunlight and soil needs to be moist and well-drained.  
  4. Snake Plant – This plant will help you get a good night’s sleep. It releases oxygen​ during the night so that you can breathe well and fresh while sleeping. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, it tops the list of air purifiers plants that filters the air and keeps several toxins at bay. It doesn’t require lots of water and overwatering them can cause their roots to rot.  
  5. Aloe Vera – These plants love a sunny spot and healthy aloe is a wonderful addition​ to the windowsills of your kitchen. A great source of medicine and effectively used to soothe kitchen burns, it also purifies the air of benzene and formaldehyde. Keep it in a sunny spot and it will survive well there.  
  6. Dragon Tree – A spiky, slow-growing plant that helps fight toxins such as xylene and​ trichloroethylene. Pollutants are fought effectively and the air is purified to a great extent. Its leaves also have a bit of red tint that adds a flash a colour to your living space. It can grow up to 8ft so keep it in a room that has high ceilings and good sunlight.  
  7. Broad Lady Palm – One of the few plants that have the capability of reducing the​ level of ammonia found in cleaning products. Fully-grown plants are a bit expensive so you can opt to buy smaller ones or grow them from seeds. It loves humidity and will stay well in your bathroom. 
  8. Weeping Fig – These plants are popular since Victorian times, they are believed to​ tackle various chemicals found in many products. These plants are a bit fussy that don’t like change. Indirect sunlight is not recommended for them and is a trustworthy purifier that stays well for years.  
  9. Chinese Evergreen – The tropical plant is an effective cleanser and cleanses the​ toxins that are found in cosmetics and detergents. These are Chinese plants that enjoy growing in humid conditions and are proven to thrive well in the bathroom.  
  10. Spider Plants – People who have just started keeping houseplants, spider plants are​ a perfect choice for them. It quietly battles several toxins present in the environment of your home. One of the few houseplants that are non-toxic to animals. Grow a whole family of these plants by taking a little care of them.  


Indoor plants improve your home’s air quality​ to a great extent and look beautiful at the​ same time. Hence, people have started lining their window sills with greenery and are also breathing in the fresh air with their help.

Indoor plants also have health-boosting benefits and you don’t have to create a jungle in your space. Just a single plant is enough to purify your entire living.