About Plant Delivery and Why Indoor Plants are Ideal for your Home

indoor air purifying plants

Gardening indoors is still surging in popularity as they add a fresher look to a home as well as clean air. Some of these greenery-inspired looks are from social media platforms and magazines. Other people are getting subscription services and deliveries to add to their growing collection of plants. Read more about why these plants […]

Best Air-Purifying Plants For The Home | The Best 10

indoor air purifying plants

Using air fresheners are long lost and people are looking forward to purifying the air in their homes with natural means. Yes, it’s correct you can choose the right air purifying plants that help to detoxify the air in your house and living spaces. The houseplants will not only look wonderful but they will also […]

Using Plants to Decorate A Room Like A Genius


When searching for rental property, most tenants end up settling for the one that offers a homely, cozy feeling. No wonder experienced property owners go out of their way to create such a feeling. One way of accomplishing that is by using indoor plants and flowers. Besides creating a sense of comfort, these blossoms bring […]

Arrange Your Indoor Plants In These 8 Professional Ways


Having flowers in your home is always ideal, far from the visually appealing ambience, indoor plants will never let your home fall short of fresh oxygen, I guess we all know the bio 101 rule. A couple of persons have continually asked me for the best tips on how to arrange indoor plants, especially in […]