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Gardening indoors is still surging in popularity as they add a fresher look to a home as well as clean air. Some of these greenery-inspired looks are from social media platforms and magazines. Other people are getting subscription services and deliveries to add to their growing collection of plants. Read more about why these plants are important from this site here.

While social media has its own role in making people aware of the beauty of plants inside the home, others have already discovered how easy it is to take care of these flowers, herbs, cacti, and more. Greenery can bring them peace and improve their well-being in general, so this trend isn’t going anywhere in the next few decades. Here’s what the studies tell everyone about the benefits of working and living with plants inside your home.

1. Significantly Reduce Stress Levels

Studies that were published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology have shown that plants are more naturally soothing and calming inside a room. Whether it’s your room or office space, you’ll find them to have their natural charm that will make you feel more comfortable.

In some research, people were given two different tasks of completing a computer-based job or repotting a houseplant. After each activity, the researchers measured the participants’ blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels.

They’ve found out that the stress is significantly lowered for those who tackled the indoor gardening tasks. On the other hand, there was a spike in the stress levels for those who have done computerized work. Know that the participants in the study were young men who are very accustomed to working in front of computers, so this is a bit surprising for others. Overall, the conclusion was that working with plants, in general, can reduce stress in the mind and body of a person.

2. Helps you Focus and Be More Attentive

Plastic plants are out of the equation, but the real ones that were delivered to your doorstep can sharpen your attention. They help you focus on your tasks, and this was according to the study done by 23 students in a classroom. Some have fake vines all over the room, the others have real ones, and others don’t have any greenery.

The brain scans of these students showed that they were more focused on their studies when they were put in a room of green plants. They were more attentive to what was taught and tended to concentrate more regardless of the subject.

3. A Source of Therapy

People who have mental illnesses can benefit a lot from live greenery. Some services like Plant delivery can be beneficial for those who are experiencing dementia, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Therapy involving flowers and plants has been known to be effective through the centuries.

There’s even horticultural therapy that has found its way to the modern world. In England, the clinics in Manchester recommend potted succulents for people who are exhibiting symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

4. Recover from Illness Faster

When you have the opportunity to look at various kinds of flowers and plants from your room, you can speed up your recovery significantly. This applies to individuals who’ve had surgeries, injuries, or other forms of medical illnesses.

Reviews of research in 2002 involved people who are recuperating from various kinds of surgeries and greenery. The researchers have discovered that the patients tend to have shorter hospital stays and need lesser medications than those who don’t view nature in their rooms. However, it’s also worth noting that these studies were done in a hospital setting rather than at home.

5. Boost Productivity

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You may find that one of your best mates inside your cubicle is a bromeliad or a succulent. Various studies have already found out that potted plants can increase the creativity and productivity of many workers. This was cited in a study in 1996 where students inside a laboratory campus have worked their way in their computers at a 12% faster rate than those who don’t have succulents inside their rooms.

Some individuals were even asked to make word associations in a creative way. They performed better when they had plants inside the room with them. Those who tend for these vines and herbs were found out to take fewer sick leaves and are generally more productive.

6. An Improvement on your Overall Outlook in your Job

A building where you can view a city park can be very satisfactory. This might be surprising for employees where potted plants may have a similar effect on their mood. More about these effects on this page: https://www.verywellmind.com/mental-health-benefits-of-houseplants-5097479

Employees from Amazon in the United States were interviewed. The researchers have found out that those working in office environments with indoor plants and other natural elements felt more satisfied with their work than those who don’t have these greeneries. The herbs may also buffer anxiety and stress that are often related to one’s work.

7. Huge Improvement in an Indoor Air’s Quality

There’s scientific support for plants that are usually used to scrub contaminants inside a building. This was conducted by NASA in the 1980s, where people have looked for ways to improve the air quality inside a spacecraft that’s usually sealed. They have found out that the soil and roots of the live indoor plants have significantly reduced volatile organic compounds in the air.