When searching for rental property, most tenants end up settling for the one that offers a homely, cozy feeling. No wonder experienced property owners go out of their way to create such a feeling. One way of accomplishing that is by using indoor plants and flowers.

Besides creating a sense of comfort, these blossoms bring life into the room making the property more appealing to high-quality, premium-paying renters. Moreover, they purify the air and reduce humidity levels, while others like the Sweat heart plant and the Peace Lily are efficient at diffusing noise and echoes.

If you are a landlord, here are some ideas on how to decorate your rooms using plants.

7 Ways to Decorate Using Plantsplant-indoor-decor

Determine what to use

Plants come in a diversity of shapes, colors, size and appearance. Additionally, they can be either real or artificial. They can be flowering or non-flowering. Therefore, you must decide what kind of flowers to buy. If you do not have the time or motivation to look after live plants, then the silk faux ones will be an excellent choice. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of real plants, then go for ones that are hardy, easy to take care of, have natural colors, and blend perfectly with the décor you have in the house.

Go for functional plants

A lot of rental companies advise property owners on implementing the use of functional and useful plants as it raises its attractiveness to potential tenants. Considering that room space is a limited thing in most homes, you should go for flowers that not only decorate the area but also offers additional benefits. For instance, an aloe vera plant will prove useful for treating bruises, burns, and cuts while an herb garden in the kitchen, will give your tenants aromatic flavors to spice up their cooking.

Group the plants together

An excellent way of decorating your plants is to put all the flowers together on a table or any other surface that is close to a big window to create a lovely floral arrangement. For instance, you could group different cacti and succulents together in an attractive fashion. The good thing about arranging your plants this way is that it creates a striking indoor room design. Secondly, it reduces the amount of time and commitment you will require to cater for the plants.

Fill up the corners

Many people find filling the house corners a daunting challenge. As a result, most homes end up with unfilled empty intersections. If you have such a space in your home why not use plants to transform it into a creative floral design. For instance, you could set up ascending shelves along the corners and arrange your potted plants there. Alternatively, you could arrange three pots of different sizes in a row along the corner, or place a single tree-like plant there.

Pot your plants

Whether you are using tall standing or flowering plants’, putting them in a pot is an excellent way of enhancing the room design. The good thing about the containers is that they come in a myriad of sizes, designs, and themes that can help you achieve whatever feel you want. For instance, you could use tiny pots to actuate a miniature indoor garden, which you can place on the windowsill or along the corridor. Also, you could paint the pots in varied colors that complement the room furniture and color scheme. When using pots, however, just make sure to place protective stick-on pads below them to shield your surface finish.

Re-pot Your Plants

Bearing in mind that your plants are in a controlled environment, you need to change the soil regularly. Doing that will ensure they have a new soil, which has the nutrients necessary for a healthy lush growth. When repotting the plants, take your time to wash out the pot before placing the plant. Otherwise, you might soon find yourself struggling with an unhealthy plant. Similarly, after repotting the plants remember to put a plate or any other suitable object below the pot to trap any water that leaks through the soil. Such leakages can ruin your carpet or stain the surface.

Create a floating garden

Another creative room design idea is to use hanging plants and to create a floating garden. In addition to creating a sense of wonder, it also serves as an additional layer of décor in the home. Besides, they are the perfect décor for a small or studio apartment. You could insert a potted plant in Macramé planters and suspend it from the ceiling. If you do not want to put holes in your ceiling, you can hang the plant along the side of a bookcase or window.

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