A simple view at flowers under the bright blue sky can give a heaven-like feeling, you begin to have some sort of feeling like the air is cleaner and fresher, that’s the trick and magic of an indoor flower. Flowers are beautiful and a welcome idea in every home, however, choosing the right indoor flower can be much more complex than just grabbing a shrub into a ceramic vase, and having it stashed at your window-side. Making a choice for an indoor flower, and properly caring for them, is a whole new ball game.

Why Use An Indoor Flower/Plant

If indoor flowers had nothing to offer, professional decorators would not bother using it to ‘accessorize’ in their projects. Flowers are always capable of helping the occupants relax, with it’s freshness and promise of a natural beauty.


Why Use an Indoor Plant

In most instances, people are torn between making the easier or the right decision, to use an artificial flower, or to use a real indoor plant. The artificial ones might be very much easier to maintain, but for someone who is interested in doing things right, you have to realize that growing indoor plants can replicate the peace and sense of belonging that a garden can guarantee. Researchers have even revealed that indoor plants can help to filter toxins in homes. As a matter of fact, indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor air, toxins from the furniture, paint, carpets and even cosmetics have a harder time diffusing.

Flower Pot Considerations:

Merely looking at a flower pot is not just enough, the color, size and even the material with which it made up of is very much important as well. B sure to make sure your plants are first placed in an appropriately sized plastic pot with holes beneath it for the discharge or excessive liquids. Then go ahead to place the plastic pot in your sophisticated flower pot. Planting directly into a flower pot can be dangerous, extreme weather conditions may have a direct effect on your plants through heat convection or radiation.


Lighting Conditions

Most times, people choose the most alluring indoor flower plants, forgetting that their homes may not be best suited for such plants. If the source of light into your room is very poor, it is advisable to choose a flower plant with possibly very dark green leaves, that is because they are shade-tolerant and thus, photosynthesize better than others. If the source of light is capable of producing very bright light, the bright plants are the most suitable for the environment. Tropical plants such as sunflowers and roses can bind with the incoming light to give the best reflection.

Caring For Your Flower:

Excessive flower care can be very harmful to your indoor plants, as a matter of fact, plants love to be left alone. Having your indoor plants moderately watered once or twice in a week, depending on the season is quite essential. Fertilizer can be applied in very minute quantities every 3-4 months. Do not forget to trim off older leaves to give room for younger and more beautiful ones.


Adequate care of your indoor flower plants will always prove to be beneficial to the home owner in the long run, be sure to keep them far away from heaters and other sources of heat. If you ever notice a brown tip at the edge of your flower, then that’s a tell that you are either adding too much or too little water, keep flowers away from strong sun rays.

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