Propane Generators: How they Work, Benefits and Limitations

propane generators

Increasingly, power outages are becoming all too common for folks in many parts of the country. And the sad part is that power outages can happen throughout the year for a variety of reasons, including damaging storms or even electrical grid overload. For whatever the reason, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a solution […]

Futuristic Mind-Blowing Air Conditioning Innovations


We’ve already seen air conditioner technology transform over the past 10 years in a move towards more eco-friendly efficiencies. With a ton of research and focus on further possible improvements, there’s a lot to be excited about the future of the cooling industry. Let’s look at some of the top newsmakers.  Air conditioners you can […]

3 Upgrades to Greatly Improve Your Home’s Heating

One of the major costs of owning a home comes from your energy bill — specifically, the energy used to heat your home during cooler times of the year. You can spend a lot of money trying to heat your home and still wind up with unpleasant temperature changes that force you to wear a […]