As I have very much observed, a number of persons always avoid the use of blue color in their home’s  design colour shade, as a matter of fact, there is this consistently peddled misconception that blue can make a room seem darker than it actually is, and grace the home’s interior with some sort of melancholic ambience.

But far from that school of thought which is a total misconception, be is a perfect colour that can be used to create an upbeat dining room with a very refreshing, charming and cool ambiance that makes you feel at home.

Remember, blue isn’t just blue, there’s the native blue, the turquoise, the teal which is often referred to as the pastel, there are also very numerous shades of blue, which if applied properly at all the right places, will give your home a bold and intimidating look.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the power of blue in an interior dining space and how it makes your dining room look so refreshing with grace for more appetite.



Take a look at some of these examples below:

Bold And Blue

Bold  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit: house to home

The many pops of this pastel blue with its vibrant blue shades in such a lively interior with obvious patterns does so much to heighten the liveliness of the dining room, including creating such a refreshing mood in the home's interior which works as an important focal point. Take note of the edgy settings and how it creates a balance between the different shades of blue.

A Dining Room, Bright And Blue-tifull

Bright  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit: she knows

The wall is so clean, it breaks out through the home's white appearance and very much creates a unique and vibrant ambiance in this beautiful home design. I'm loving this… i'm sure you are too!

The Charm In The Blue Decor

Charming  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit: house beautiful

This dining room is very dramatic, more so, the decor contractor really did go on a daring move with an edgy blue scheme with an awesome choice of decorative items to fit the coour scheme. The black ceiling pendants also work their magic to serve as dramatic elements in this all-blue setting.



The Merry-Blue-Round

Cheerful  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit: decorpad

This hyper-marine blue wich is combined with tall and powerful windows brings in abundant sunlight. In addition, the classic setting of this dining room does so much to brighten up the yellow pops when they get a doze of the sunlight. The area rug give the floor its own voice to create a balance in this dining interior. This is bliss!

The Face Of A Contemporary Blue Sting

Contemporary  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit: decoist

This one goes so much to the edge of nothing and everything. The chairs create a re-assuring and refreshing charm which gives life to this dining room. I can speak for both of us when i say "I love it"

Bue And Eclectic Ecstasy 

Eclectic  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit: sheknows

The subtle charm of the turquoise wall introduces a whole new level of a very lively and upbeat ambiance to this boho-chic-themed dining room. The wall also offers some form of texture that just makes you fall in love with it.

Blue And The Exotic Frenzy

Exotic  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit:cococozy

The ceiling is really at it's best, it's walls introduce a whole new perspective into such a simple but outstanding dining room which offers a very relaxing feel. The details are just above.

True And Blue

Green and  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit:country living

There's no bond as awesome and intriguing as that of navy blue to white. The wall and the white paneed wood which is further enhanced by a touch of green on the curtains makes this space very lively.



Pastel Blue And Class

Pastel  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit: house to home

This one is a classical finish of opulent spectrum. The dining room's blue colour scheme combines with the decor activity to give off a tranquil appearance.

The Refreshed Blue

Refreshing  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit:decoist

The scale of blue shades is perfectly applied in this gorgeous dining room.

Splendid Navy Blue Dining Room

Splendid Navy Blue Dining Room

Image Credit:houzz

How much drama can be enough drama? the velvet dining chairs clad in nacy blue clothings and the beautiful chandelier gives off the modern statement that commands orderliness and maximum respect. This is a castle.

Ultra Marine  Blue Dining Room

Ultra Marine  Blue Dining Room

Image Credit: Pinterest

We love the tranquility and modern appearance of this contemporary ultramarine blue dining room.

Do you still have any doubts about the power of blue? we've not even started with you yet, this is just the dining space. Keep looking, there's so much more you can do with blue.

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