Brooklyn bedding mattresses, also known as BME-Best mattresses ever originally came as a mixed form mattress. These mattresses have now been transformed by using latex as the main material in their mattress making.

They offer a wide selection of mattresses based on composition, thickness, firmness and price. Read on for more about the brooklyn bedding.

So, why purchase a Brooklyn Bedding mattress? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this mattress product.



Brooklyn bedding offers five individual mattress models. Let’s take a look.

  1. Brooklyn Signature

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This is the most reviewed mattress ever, with a 4-star rating on Amazon, it is by far the most popular brand of Brooklyn bedding mattresses. It comes in 3 firmness options, soft, medium and firm.

The customer has a triple choice on firmness. The company knows that one feel is not perfect for everyone.

If you like to sleep cool, this is the mattress for you. The TitanCool technology provides a cooling effect that draws heat away from your body giving you the perfect sleeping environment.

It’s also perfect for all sleeping positions.

  1. Brooklyn Aurora

If you prefer mattresses that are thicker, this product is best for you. The top layer of the mattress offers a deep pad that conforms to your body and temperature regulation.

It comes with a high-density poly foam base layer and a well-pocketed support coil. Customers have a triple choice firmness option.

It’s ideal for heavy and average weight group of people.

  1. Brooklyn Spartan

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Like the Aurora, the Spartan comes in a 13.5-inch mattress. Perfect for people who prefer thick mattresses.

The cover is made from performance fabric that alleviates pain and soothes aches. It’s useful in promoting physical recovery as well.

This makes it perfect for physically active individuals. Apart from the 3 firmness options, it comes with a pocketed coil support structure.

  1. Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid

This latex hybrid comes in a 12-inch thickness and 3 firmness options. The cover is made from organic cotton that is suitable for drawing away heat from your body leaving you with a cool feeling.

Pocketed coils provide the support. This mattress suits physically active individuals. With a 12-inch thickness and pocketed coil support, all weight categories are catered for at once.

  1. Brooklyn Bowery

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It is considered a medium firm mattress. It comes with a good pocketed coil for support and has a high-density poly foam layer.

It also offers a good contouring and pressure relief for sleepers in light and average weight groups with a much lower price.

Here are some of the features of most Brooklyn Bedding you need to consider when purchasing one.


They come with 3 firmness options to choose from with a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the most firm and 1 being the least firm.

At a scale of 4, the mattress is considered to be soft, at 6, the mattress is medium and at a scale of 8, it’s firm.

Mediums are the company’s best seller. They are recommended for couples and combination sleepers. Side sleepers prefer the soft option.

Stomach sleepers prefer not to sink into the mattress, so they prefer the firm option. This provides them with pressure relief.


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Brooklyn bedding products including sheets and pillows are available in many online stores. You can also place orders online at their website.

Temperature regulation

Latex materials are the best for temperature regulation. These materials are efficient in transferring heat away from your body.

Pocketed coils allow in maximum airflow, you get to sleep cooler than in other foam mattresses.

There are no complaints about getting hot on while on this product.


Let’s focus on their best seller; the Signature mattress. The Signature is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

It is also available in three firmness options: Soft, Medium, and Firm. The combination of coils and foam supports you while still relieving pressure.

At the same time, the individual pocketed coils contour your body and support you when on your back and stomach.

The coils also add an extra level of durability. Together with the TitanFlex, these components should last longer making this a good long-term investment.

The TitanFlex also promotes cooling and the coils are great for airflow. You shouldn’t be sleeping hot on the Signature mattress.



The company provides free shipping in-country. The warranty period for Brooklyn Beddings Mattresses is 10 years.

It also comes with a 120-night trial period. The company requires that you keep the mattress for 30 nights before initiating a return.

Discounts can be found at selected stores.

During the warranty period, the company will repair or replace the defective mattress at no cost to the owner.


It is advisable that as soon as the mattress arrives, you should unbox it immediately, to give the foam time to fully expand.

Other products

Brooklyn Beddings also has other products to offer. Let’s review them briefly.

Brooklyn Talatay Pillows

It is constructed with superior materials that give customers a great enhanced breathability and contouring support.

A moisture wicking and an anti-microbial cover maintain a hygienic and dry sleep environment. It is available in soft and firm comfort levels.

It also provides most sleepers with the right amount of firmness.

Hyper-responsive latex foam delivers superior support and gentle contouring for the head and neck, promoting healthy spinal alignment for every type of sleeper.

Brooklyn Bedding Sheets

The Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets features a silky smooth and a long-lasting weave that is specifically crafted to look luxurious.

Supreme breathability is achieved through a combination of light-weight and moisture-wicking materials. It provides a dry and cool sleep environment.

The high quality constructed microfiberensures durability with frequent washing.

It is machine washable for easy care. Our microfiber sheets are made with 100 percent polyester which resists wrinkles and pilling better than traditional cotton sheets.

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