Maybe you just bought a house that made it through two world wars without changing hands, or maybe you have been contemplating this for years. Either way, your resolve is the same: your kitchen needs to go. But how?

Most people shudder at the thought of renovating because they think that it will cost too much, or that their kitchen is just a lost cause. Luckily, we're here to tell you that you don't have to sell your soul to make it happen. No – all you need is the right advice to spark your motivation. Let's get the fire going, shall we?


1. Embrace the Power of Paint

It is incredible how much a room's color scheme can affect it's appeal. Before you start breaking down walls & removing cabinets, try having the room repainted. Or better yet: do it yourself.

If your “new” house was built before your grandfather was born, then chances are that your kitchen follows a bright brown theme. Instead, try a muted off-white color. This can give your kitchen the sharp, modern look that it needs.




And if by any chance it doesn't quite speak to you, just remember that you can always repaint it with a color that you do like. A freshly painted kitchen will have a clean and tidy look about it, and may even remove your desire to transform the whole room.


2. Feng Shui Your Kitchen into Shape

Feng shui encourages us to be comfortable and centred in our surroundings. Even if there was a time when you entered your kitchen just to admire it, remember that it is completely natural for a room to lose it's luster after a while.

Before adding anything, start by evaluating what you actually have to work with: maybe those cabinets would look better on the left side of the stove instead of the right; maybe you should place the garbage under the sink instead of next to the refrigerator.



Consider where you want the most space, & what direction you enter the room from. If nothing comes to mind, then take everything out of the kitchen that is movable, & observe your blank canvas. If you are still stumped, ask for an honest friend's opinion. 

While it is important to rearrange your kitchen in a way that gives it the best flow, try to avoid changing any of your plumbing or electrical configurations for decorative purposes. Moving utility lines can be a costly endeavour, & unlike paint, it will not be as easy to revert back to square one if you are not keen on it.


3. Revitalize Your Countertops with the Right Material

Nowadays, countertops do not need to be composed of marble or stone to give off that glossy sheen; rather, laminate & soapstone can do it for a portion of the cost. Like the Bob-O-Pedic Mattress, or RC Cola, laminate is a material that can mimic the ones at higher price points.

If you prefer granite, then consider granite tiles. Remember that expensive does not always mean better. Money does not always pull a room together. Sometimes, a good eye is all that you need to make a difference.




So before investing in high-end countertops, do a comparison test in-stores: first look at each one from a distance, then look at them up close; if possible, compare side by side & ask yourself: will the pricey model make that much more of a difference than the budget version? Probably not.  



Sammy is a proud parent who loves nothing more than spending time with his family and teaching them the ways of the world. He loves all things interior design related and currently runs the blog at Home Clean Expert. Follow him on Twitter.

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