The bright colors of the butterfly are so fascinating that most gardeners go to the extent of planting plants that will likely attract the butterfly. Its ability to help pollinate flowers is a plus to most gardens.

Therefore, in order to attract these beautiful creatures, you need to know which plants attract them. This read will however intimate you on the type of plant you can consider to attract them.


The buddleia davidii is a common Butterfly Bush that can grow to heights of between 6’ to 12’ if left alone to grow unrestricted. However, they must be pruned so as to maintain a nice size in your garden. It is tolerant to most soil types, especially those with high salt content.

It is a very hard plant with woody stems that keeps the leaves green year in year out. It grows small flowers which usually blooms in clusters. The buddleia davidii exists in purple, yellow, orange and white colors.

It can survive little watering, and can blossom under low to full sunlight. The best time to prune the buddleia davidii is during winter, a period after the plant has gone into hibernation thereby allowing a shorter and bushier growth when it is active in the spring.


With roots in Asia, the chrysanthemum is a tropical perennial that is propagated through seeds or cuttings. They grow low to the ground, love sun, and can adapt in light drought situations. It is perfect for a small garden space.

They possess single-stem flowers that are round, pedal shaped, and varying in showy colors. It is the second most sought after flower, and can attract a large range of butterflies to your garden.


The flower blooms of these plants take the shape of a star owing to its name “Aster” which means “star.” It exists in almost every color and having most of the colors in your garden will no doubt be a beauty to behold. They can grow in hard terrains and thrive effortlessly all over the United States.

It is largely considered a wild flower and grows no taller than a foot. The bright colors of the aster plant are a strong attraction to a wide range of butterflies.


This plant has flowers similar to the star-shaped aster. Its color is darker at the center of the bloom and brighter on the edges.

They thrive well in summer and are best grown in temperate climates. Their green colors are very attractive for both your gardens and to attract butterflies. 

Its bright colors range from white and scarlet to bright sun yellow, and can be purchased from most stores as seedlings or plants.


The age-long lavender plant has been useful for many reasons; serving as fragrance for foods and homes, and most importantly attracting butterflies. It is a hardy plant, and can be found in all zones in the United States.

The lavender overtime has been sourced after for its fragrance as well as its bright colors, adding color and a nice fragrance to gardens.

It is a bushy plant, and grows in low or taller bush. You can choose whichever suits the size of your garden.

It is mostly known with the purple color, however, it also has a “rose” variety that comes in pink color that attracts many butterflies to it.


The Echinacea also known as the coneflower has been widely used as an herbal supplement, taken to help boost the immune system.

However, it is not only relegated to be used for medicinal purposes, but has also been spotted among flowers in the garden over the years. It is a hard plant grown in almost all zones.

The plant blooms rising on stalks, and can grow as high as 2 feet to 21/2 giving your garden a bit of height. It grows straight upward, not crowding out other flowers

It comes in attractive purple, rich reds and even green colors. The Echinacea is highly recommended for gardens.

You can choose one or all of the listed varieties of flower plants to give your garden a bright and attractive look for neighbors and butterflies too.

These flowers can be purchased across most local and online garden stores in the United States.

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