As listed on, It is not always possible to prevent plumbing problems when you own your own home or business. There are some signs to keep an eye out for that may indicate it’s time to call in a plumber, however.

The sooner you get certain problems diagnosed, the easier and more affordable they will be to fix. If you notice any of the following issues happening in your home, it is essential to call a reputable plumber Austin, such as Daniel’s Austin found at

Decrease In Water Pressure

If you begin to notice issues such as less water pressure in your shower or your toilet not flushing properly, it could be a low pressure issue. When your water pressure begins to decrease, it could indicate there is a clog or leak somewhere.

Also, it could be an indication that your piping is not the correct size for your water flow. No matter what the cause may be, it is important to get the issue checked out by a professional.

Pipes Frozen

If you live in a predominantly warm area or it is the middle of summer, you should not see any frozen pipes in or around your home or business. If you do, it could be time to make the call to your local plumbing company.

Frozen pipes can usually be sussed out easily. The visible signs of frozen pipes may include frost, odd smells or clanking noises while running the water and no water coming from your pipes when the faucet is turned on.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets waste a lot of water. It has been researched that a single faucet dripping once each second may waste more than 3,000 gallons of water that is usable in a single year.

In addition to the environmental ramifications, dripping faucets can raise your water bill. Commonly, a dripping faucet is caused by worn out washers and o-rings. A plumber can correctly identify the cause of a leaking or dripping faucet.

Clouded Water

Water that comes from your sinks, tubs, washer and showers should be running clear. If you begin to notice your water being cloudy, blue or green, this could be an indication there is something wrong in your pipes. Brown water may signify an issue with your water heater. Blue and green water may indicate an issue with corrosion of copper piping in your home.

When you notice these signs early, they can usually be fixed quickly and affordably. The longer you wait to get any issues addressed is a risk. Keep in mind that noticing any of these issues doesn’t mean it’s the worst case scenario. It just means you have some problems that a professional should take a look at.

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