Buying candles in store can prove to be challenging enough, discovering your favourite scent by smelling countless amounts of candles and finding the ones that will aesthetically match the interior of your house. But with the added element of buying online without opportunities to see or smell them in person, the challenge is then developed into somewhat of a stressful task.

What factors should you explore while choosing the perfect candle for yourself, a family member or a friend? Without leaving the comfort of your own home you can find your dream candle online.

Choose the Perfect Scent

When searching for candles, understanding the personality and likes and dislikes of the future candle owner can assist in the purchasing stage. Discovering traits of the person you are buying for or identifying your own traits will make finding the perfect candle as easy task.

Think about what perfume or cologne you or the person you are buying for wears. If they are more inclined to wear fruity smelling scents, then look for candles with similar accents. What is your/their favourite season? If it is Spring, sweet floral scents are favourable. If it is Winter, a mint and eucalyptus scented candle would more than likely be loved as it’s smell synchronises with the seasons smells.

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Does the future candle owner prefer sweet or savoury food? If the answer is sweet, then go with the sweeter and fruitier scented candles. A vanilla or caramel fragrance would satisfy sweet senses. A savoury food lover would more likely enjoy a spicy smelling candle like cinnamon.

Focus on the Candle’s Description

The candle’s description can be a clear indicator of the quality. Look for specific factors within the description that will inspire you and indicate whether the candle is worth purchasing.

The type of wax and the burn time.

The wax makes up the foundation of the candle. A good wax will allow for a longer burn time and a stronger or more subtle smell. Small candles with small wicks should burn seven to nine hours per 1 ounce of wax. Candles with large wicks should burn five to seven hours per 1 ounce of wax.

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The type of wick.

There are many factors to keep in mind when reviewing the wick of a candle. It is important to have a good wick in your candle as it will decrease risks of safety and decrease carbon deposits to minimal or not at all.

By following the candles care instructions your wick will easily maintain quality throughout the promised burn time. Enjoy the smell of your candle from the first to the last flame.

The container of the candle.

A poor container can lead to burning yourself or worse, fires. Your candle’s container must not be prone to cracking or breaking and you should be able to touch the container without being scalded. A few common types of containers that have our tick of approval are candle tins, tea light cups that can be placed in candle holders or, a personal favourite, the candle jar.

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Choose a Candle that Represents You and Your Home

The scent of a candle can create the mood of the room or area it is in. The smell of a cherry blossom flavoured candle activates feelings of energy and elegance whereas a rosemary scented candle should expel feelings of calmness from the Earth-like undertone.

Think about where the candle may be placed. If it’s in the bathroom a candle that is strong to drown out bad odors would be a good decision. If it’s a candle for your office, choose a candle that lowers your stress levels, but not so much that you get no work done that is!

On the other hand, a candle can impact the interior of the room. The way the candle looks and what the candle sits in can strengthen the rooms character. A candle in a glass jar with a wooden lid suits anything from contemporary to minimalistic. Or, find a candle holder that resonates with your style is always another option.

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