Casters are some of the most handy things that you can put in your toolbox. They have a wide variety of uses around the home, especially if you’re willing to get creative, and they’re easy to install once you know what you’re doing. Just look at this huge supply of Colson Series 1 casters available online and are perfect for any types of wood furniture.

Have you started to wonder about the different ways that you can use casters around your home and garden? Here are just a few ideas.

1. Laundry Carts

Who says that you have to lug around laundry baskets like you’re a washerwoman from the 1840s? Put your laundry containers on wheels so that you can push them along with a flick of the wrist. This is how hotel maids do it, and it saves them a lot of back and shoulder problems in the long run. The pressure is relieved from their bodies and put on the casters.

2. Backyard “Houses”

Maybe your children have a play house. Maybe your dog has a doghouse. When you’re cleaning, being able to move your kennel easily means that you are one step closer to a pet hair free home. You can put any and all of them on casters! Not only will this enable you to wheel them out of the way when you’re hosting adult dinner parties in the backyard, but mobile units can also be used to protect kids and pets from things like sun damage or wasp nests. Simply move the houses under the shade or away from the bees.

3. Ladders

You’ll want to be careful, of course, because wheeled ladders are more dangerous than stationary ones. But if you frequently climb trees, clean chimneys, rinse out rain gutters or replace roof shingles on your property, it might be helpful to put your ladder on wheels. It will allow you to move around your home’s exterior more freely.

4. Desks

The wheeled desk is a classic. In addition to being easily transferred from office to office, it can also help you ergonomically when you’re able to arrange it just so. Don’t fret if your desk didn’t already come with wheels, however. It’s quite simple to add casters to a stationary desk, especially if you look up tutorial videos online.

These are just a few ways to make use of those caster wheels that you have lying around the house. As you can see, a lot of things on your property can be mobilized and modernized. You just have to be willing to grab some wheels and apply a little elbow grease!

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