PLANTS THAT CONTAIN CITRONELLA, AND WHY YOU NEED TO BUY INSECT REPELLENT Personally, I don’t think there is any plant purchase from your local garden center that is able to repel mosquitoes from your backyard gatherings. There’s no such thing, so wake up to reality. Perhaps, you read or heard something online that outlines a […]


The Celosia, also known as “woolflowers,” are members of the amaranth family. It is an edible ornamental that can be grow in your garden, having a taste like spinach. They contain same vitamins and minerals also found in deep-hued leafy leafs. Now here’s the trick about the celosia, their leaves are tender and tasty when […]

How To Cultivate Carrots Indoors | Growing Carrots In Your Basement

I have always known that carrots had awesome healthy benefits in the total health of humans, but how they became something to plant indoor remains a memory with my family.          My son has this bad habit of eating junks; I was worried at some point when he started to grow fatter. […]

Pavement Ants Infestation | How To Control pavement Ants In Your Garden

If you’ve noticed little portions of soil seen mostly near the edge of buildings or next to pavements, you can be sure it is the perpetration of pavement ants. With origins which can be traced to Europe, pavements ants have taken abode in most of the homes across the United States. It is very common […]

Butterfly Attraction Guide | How To Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

The bright colors of the butterfly are so fascinating that most gardeners go to the extent of planting plants that will likely attract the butterfly. Its ability to help pollinate flowers is a plus to most gardens. Therefore, in order to attract these beautiful creatures, you need to know which plants attract them. This read […]

Growing Hazelnuts | Grow And Harvest Hazelnuts In Your Garden

Have you ever tasted hazelnuts before? Trust me the buttery crunchy feel of the nuts in the mouth is just out of this world, it even drove me nuts to the extent that I had to cultivate and reap my very own nuts farm. Fortunately, hazelnuts are easy to cultivate as it doesn’t involve too […]