6 Easy Tips to Design Your Dream Living Room

It’s no secret that the living room is one of the most important rooms in a home. Not only does it serve as a space for relaxation and leisure, but it can also be a powerful tool to help make a house feel like a home.  You can design your dream living room in any […]

Professional Concrete Septic Tank Installation

bathroom renovation

You may not think of your septic tank very often as a homeowner. Most of the time, your tank is beneath the ground. However, when you learn that your septic tank needs replacement, you are forced to consider this unpleasant but necessary home waste disposal system. This article includes the fundamentals of septic tank materials, […]

How to Get Your Home Ready for a Fast Cash Sale

things to do before selling a house

If you need to sell your home quickly for cash, the last thing you want to do is undertake a lengthy, involved process of getting your house ready to attract eager shoppers. Just think of what’s involved in selling your home the traditional way:  Deep cleaning from ceilings and light fixtures to floors and carpets, […]

6 Reasons to Invest in a Wet Room

ranch style house

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular in many modern homes, and for a good reason. Their practicality combined with a stylish design makes them an attractive addition to any home. If you’re still unsure about installing one, this article will crush all doubts and show you why a wet room is an excellent choice for […]

The Different Types Of Architects Explained


Architecture is a profession with a diverse range of specializations. Like other multi-branched professions like medicine, law, and sibling engineering, it offers various career paths for interested individuals. Not to mention, working for architecture firms also has big potential for professional development and career advancement. Architects have their specializations based on what they choose to […]

10 Reasons Why We Love Kitchen Islands For Our Homes!


Kitchen islands are a popular feature in modern kitchen design. In fact, when clients visit our kitchen showroom in Chelmsford this is usually one of the first features we are asked about. This is down to their stunning appearance, but also because they are practical, efficient, and multi-purpose too. They combine luxury and ease-of-use, giving […]