When “doing up” your bathroom, whether it’s a complete re-model or you just want to spruce up an old bathroom with some new accessories, it can be a bit overwhelming. With so many different places to shop, so many different choices to make it can be difficult to know what is necessary.

These top tips of essential must haves within your bathroom, can hopefully make your purchase choices and the design process much easier.


Quality set of Towels

Bathroom towels can range from cheap to luxurious. A cheap towel will result in an uncomfortable drying experience whereas investing in a nice set of bathroom towels will benefit your drying experiences and make your bathroom a nicer experience for your guests.  Matalan stock a wide range of towels, which they state are “premium quality”, all at a reasonable price.

Heated Towel Rail

An added extra to having really great towels is to invest in a heated towel rail. A heated towel rail means that you don’t have to have a separate radiator within your bathroom, radiators are somewhat unsightly and not very aesthetically pleasing.

Whereas a heated towel rail instead makes your bathroom design much more minimal. It also means your towels will be nice and warm for you and your guests.   There is currently an offer to get 10% off heated towel rails at Trade Radiators for the full month of February.




Bathrooms are usually an area in which people groom and apply make-up, therefore a must have item is to have a nice mirror within your bathroom.

Mirrors are also a fantastic way of making the most of natural light within a space. This is perfect for a bathroom where a mirror will help make it bright and welcoming. The Range has a large selection of different kinds of mirrors, including full length, wall mirrors, dressing table and free-standing mirrors, some of which are currently on sale.

Great lighting

Similarly, lighting is another essential element within your bathroom as lights will help facilitate a nice ambience and a well-lit attractive area in which you and your guests can use.

Lighting in areas where the mirrors are, is preferable because then you can see your reflection bright and illuminated at any time of the day.

No Slip Bath Mat

Bath mat that doesn’t let you slip is a practical addition to your bathroom, and an absolute must if you want to ensure your post-bathing safety.

Neat and Tidy Storage

There may be a lot of products you want to store in your bathroom, from grooming products to cleaning products, but having them lying out in the open could potentially be unsightly within your bathroom.

A solution is storage space, set aside to store away these products and make your bathroom look neat, tidy and minimalistic.

Shower Curtain

Another must have addition for every bathroom to stop water from covering your bathroom floor as you bathe. Shower curtains can be purchased from pretty much anywhere.

If you want to buy something that is a little more unique than a standard plain shower curtain, ones with a graphic print can be seen by fashion retailer H&M. These will make your bathroom stand out.

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