Our Dearest Nigerian celebs will never take the back seat, especially in luxurious matters that have to do with living in mansions (Some of which they cannot pay for).   From living in costly lofts, to owning them, to having showy armadas of beastly automobiles down to their adornments and all, Nigeria’s famous persons will never want to be deleted from the list of persons with an “Extravagant Living” style.

In Nigeria, One’s prosperity is mostly judged by the way a person’s home looks. This creates the impression of one’s prosperity and accomplishments. In spite of the fact that, Nigeria may have a very high number of superstars in the African continent, a lot of them still live in rented apartments.

This post will be revealing to you, some famous Nigerian Celebrities who have their very own multimillion Naira homes

Tunde and Wunmi Obe (T.W.O)

Top 10 Nigerian Celebrities and Their Multimillion Naira Mansions

When we discuss one of the wealthiest couples in the Entertainment Industry, Tunde and Wunmi Obe would be named first as they are rich as well as the most established couple with regards to years of Marriage.

The two who have been making music for a long while now were both groomed  with silver spoons. That benefit kind of gave them a very high launch. Tunde and Wunmi Obe, who are said to be the Industry’s most prominent VIP couple have cut a specialty for themselves with their impossible to miss sort of music.


The couples met in UNILAG in 1988 and dated for a long time before they really got hitched. Mr Tunde Obe is the child of a late Ambassador, while his better half, Wunmi, who possesses a beauty outfit, is the daughter of the late owner of Punch Newspapers, Olu Aboderin. The two have a gigantic manor situated in Lagos city which allegedly costs about N400Million.


The mansion, built for over six years, according to a source close to the couple, sits on over two plots, with facilities including a swimming pool customized with their acronym T.W.O in it, an audio visual studio, bar and lounge, guest chalet, patio, gym, Sauna, basketball court and conference/meeting rooms.

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