Buying With Confidence: How To Check Foam Quality

When you buy something that you absolutely know about you are confident that you will get the most out of your money. For example, if you are a car person and you are thrown into a bunch of bike shops to choose the best bike for a certain amount of money; you wouldn’t be able to confidently say that you bought the best one your money could buy. But instead, you base all your decisions from what you know about cars and apply it in choosing the best bike you can find. Now we all know how that ends now, would we?

On the flip side, you are a car person and given an X amount of money and thrown into an X amount of car dealers to choose from you would be a 100% confident that you can get the most out of it. Even impressing yourself in the process! Buying with confidence has to go hand in hand with knowledge as this is a given requirement. Today, we will be talking about things that will equip you in the better knowing foam quality and mattresses.


Available foam mattresses in the market

There are a lot of foam mattresses in the market today but we will only be going to discuss the three most popular ones that you can easily find in any mattress retail store out there today. Please be advised that what we are about to say about these mattresses are simply our opinion about what we have personally experienced with them. You might have a different view on the mattresses but we are here to shed light on what we know and give you an idea of what others think about the mattress that you like or want to buy.


  • Latex MattressesLatex foam mattresses are probably the sought after mattress materials in the world today. This is because they provide comfort to probably all types of sleepers! Latex comes in two types which are called Talalay and Dunlop. Both of these methods follow different manufacturing techniques that produce drastically different products that work best for what they were made specifically. Talalay latex was made to be a plush mattress intended for people that are looking to buy something very soft and comfortable but not restricting. Dunlop mattresses are on the firm side of things making them perfect for people that want a firm latex mattress.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam mattresses were conceived to be an astronaut’s companion while orbiting the earth. It was something literally out of this world as foam was able to “remember” your body and contour the shape of the mattress for you to be able to sleep comfortably as the mattress “hugs” your body while you sleep. The only problem with memory foam (regular) mattresses is that they retain heat far longer than any mattress material there is today. But if you do really love the memory foam ability then we suggest going for the gel memory foam mattress as they are made for cooler temperature control.
  • Innerspring – Before latex and memory foam was inner-spring mattresses that have existed for generations. If you have a large family like me and spent most of your younger years playing with your cousins in bards/storage houses then you might have stumbled upon old inner-spring mattresses with their coils sticking out of the mattress. If you had then these were the older versions of what we have today. The idea behind the innerspring mattress has been used for a very long time now and improved throughout the years. Today, most of the innerspring mattresses that you find in the market contain more than just spring and padding as some manufacturers include materials such as memory foam or latex in between the springs themselves.

With the short explanation on the three provided mattresses in the market today, which one do you think is best for you?


Price range wars

Now that we’ve talked about the general idea behind different types of mattresses in the market today, let’s talk about their price range. There are a lot of people today that base their shopping by the budget they have in their hands. This means that they are restricted to go beyond what they are willing to pay to create an invisible threshold that not only limits the ability to buy the best but inhibits people from actually experiencing the best mattresses out there today. Below are price ranges for the mentioned types of mattresses above:


  1. Latex – $,1500 to $3,000
  2. Memory Foam – $500 to $1,200
  3. Innerspring – $1,200 to $2,000


Please be advised that these prices may vary from different manufacturers from another. We’ve taken the general idea of how much these mattresses cost and listed the ones in the middle. This means that you might find mattresses in the market that go for a much cheaper or expensive price than the ones listed above.


How to evaluate mattresses

Now that you have a general idea on how mattresses work and sell for; it’s time to dive deeper and know more about mattresses that will help you purchase mattresses and get the best out of your money. Below will be the key physical components that you need to check before you purchase any mattress in the market today.


  • Mattress springs – Always take note of the mattress springs that you are going to buy. The size of the springs equates to different firm levels. Thicker wires, of course, make of a firmer mattress while thinner wires are more on the soft side. In addition, the higher the concentration of springs the higher the quality of the mattress. But as always, this doesn’t mean that if a manufacturer jammed a million springs into the mattress without regard for comfort then that’s a different story.
  • Mattress padding – This either comes with or without the mattress or mostly comes off as an add-on. Always put in mind that mattress padding adds comfort and helps with the maintenance of your mattress. If you have extra money to purchase padding then go for it, it does actually make a significant difference.
  • Foam mattresses – Specifically memory foam and latex foam mattresses come in different densities that you will be able to ask the retailer information about. They come in different firmness to provide a wide range for back support. Always ask your retailer the level of firmness before buying foam mattresses.

If you will be able to, always ask for written product information to educate yourselves about what you are paying for. Ask questions if you are unsure to get a piece of mind. Again, we’re going for confidence!


Using your knowledge to buy with confidence

Now that you are well-equipped to take on the world of mattress shopping, use it to your advantage! There are a lot of retail stores that have amazing mattress deals all throughout the country. The reason for this is because of the sudden influx of online sellers cutting their sales drastically low. In order for physical shops to have the same pace as online retailers, they need to sell their stock cheaper than before to get rid of it easily.

Talking about online retailers, there is a lot of third party Latex Mattress Suppliers that you can find today. These sellers are hounded by people that write reviews about their products making it easier for you to choose which ones you would want to have or not. Websites such as LatexBear provide information about mattresses and getting the best sleep of your life in general. Use this type of website to educate yourself more about the intricate and amazing world of mattresses.



Smart shopping does not end when you swiped your card to buy the mattress you wanted. It continues to the day that you are no longer able to use what you bought. For your mattress to survive as long as it should always make sure that you do basic maintenance to help it last longer. The sagging of mattresses can be controlled by regularly (6 months) rotating the mattress and shifting weight points to avoid sagging in the middle. When it comes to cleaning spills, the best is to actually avoid it! If you are capable of not bringing the liquid into the bed then that would be perfect. But if you really cannot help yourself then always use plain water to clean spills out. Water does not contain any harmful chemicals that may damage your mattress forever.

These are just a couple of maintenance tips that you can use to lengthen the life of your mattress. We hope this helps!



After all the knowledge that we have passed on to you, we are confident that you will be able to choose the best mattress in the market today. Always keep in mind that by the end of the day your decisions are still the best because you are the ones who will be using the mattress and not some random dude on the internet trying to force you into something you do not like. Till next time! Happy mattress hunting!