Knowing  well even before you consult any decorator, Curtains define a room especially when you make the right choice. If you are very much concerned about beautifying your windows, then you do not solely consider the color, the fabrics are also as important as the lining, the decisions to be made are a lot, it’s not as easy as just buying a new and beautiful curtains.

Having done an in-depth research on such important chapter of decoration, we have come up with a few key considerations which should help you make the best choice on the proper curtain for your home.

The Ideal Fabric For Your Curtain:

If you understand how to communicate with your home, then you will know why fabrics are important especially if you do realize on time that the fabric of your curtains will go a long way in dictating how your curtains hold-up over a period of time. If you live in a cold environment, then you should consider the use of materials such as velvet, tapestry, suede or tweed, that’s because these materials are closely woven so much that they help the home to retain its heat.


The Best Curtain Shade:

Often times, people make curtain choices without a proper understanding on how it affects the lighting in their homes. A clue to note is that sunlight does make your curtains fade over a period of time, thus, if your room gets a lot of sunlight, it is ideal to make use of a curtain with brighter colours, that’s because the darker ones will fade  faster when they continually come into contact with the rays of the sun.

The Perfect Length Of An Ideal Curtain:

Sometimes we fail to know the importance of having a curtain with an ideal length. Please understand that right before you pull out your tape to take a proper measurement, you have to totally understand the appropriate distance that your curtain should have from the ground. Do note that hanging your curtain’s panels a tad higher than your windows would give a sense of height to your room.


The total length of your curtain should be determined by your dream theme, that means, if you hope to give your home a traditional look, you can have your curtains slightly puddle on the floor of your home, this means you will have to add an extra 2-3 inches while measuring. If your choice is to have a modern feel, then you’ll need to create a crispy feeling by having your panel fall somewhat flush with the floor.

Make sure you add about four to eight extra inches on both sides when taking the measurement for your curtain’s width to ensure a rich and full curtain, those extra inches are sure to shut out the sun whenever the need may arise.

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