Cleaning your oriental rug at home is a risk. I would always recommend choosing an expert rug cleaner to be sure the job is done right and your rug isn’t damaged. Remember your oriental rug is an investment and should be treated as such.

If you still want to clean up your oriental rug at home, you will follow these steps. These steps are for made of wool Oriental rug cleaning; other, more sensitive fibers like soft silk should not be an attempt to be cleaned by you and should be cleaned only by an expert rug cleaner.


Step 1: Taking out the dirt

The first step to clean your rug is to vacuum your oriental rug so that any type of dust and dirt will be removed. Vacuum the top of the side, turn it to another side, and vacuum it. You should clean the dirt and dust off the rug once a month to help reduce the amount of dirt captured deep down in the fibers of your rug.

Oriental carpets can capture dirt in the rug fibers making a sandpaper effect every time you walk on it.

Step 2: Fringes

If your oriental rug has edges and fringes, do not vacuum them. When you clean over the fringes, they will be stressed by the vacuum hairs developing stress on the fibers, or worse breaking them free into the vacuum for good. If you happen to pull up some fringes, do not pull them free as you may break them. Turn the vacuum off remove every edge from the vacuum personally.

Step 3: Dusting

Place your oriental outdoor rug outside of your home in a vertically. Use a brusher or beat the rug carefully to remove dirt that may be remaining in the rug fibers. This will cause a lot of dirt, so be prepared.

Step 4: Machine again

When you take off all the dust from your Oriental rug, you should re-vacuum to pick up any dirt or dirt that was rest by the brusher. You can repeat the step three for your satisfaction.

Step 5: Prepare the cleaning surface

In step 5, you must clean any dirt or dust in you cleaning area of the Oriental rug with a water hose and with it with some detergent or soap. Clean your rug on a driveway that is on an incline to prevent water combining.

Step 6: Wet your rug

After washing and cleaning toughly, place your rug face down with the opposite side toward the sky. Dip the rug with only cold water that you will throw it in the same direction of the rug’s pile. Ensure that to soak it equally and thoroughly.

Step 7: The Use of Shampoo

When you will use 3-5 gallons bucket of water, fill with water with one or two teaspoons of light shampoo or liquid detergent. Mix shampoo or liquid detergent until bubbles appear. Add more light detergent if you need it, as seen fit. Always test the place before applying to the entire rug. Simultaneously add the detergent water mixture on the rug while stirring with a clear spike brush. Do not clean it hard, as you are only trying to beat the fibers.

Ensure the bristles are equally holding the opposite of the Oriental rug, cleaning up and down, back and forth. Do it again if necessary refilling water-detergent mixture as required.

Step 8: Clean and Repeat

In this step, dye the rug thoroughly making sure no detergent is left in the Oriental rug. You may need to continue to aggravate the fibers using a bristle brush to remove all foams and bubbles. Turnover and repeat the previous step again. Now you should  brush in towards the pile.

You need not scrub, clean, or move in up and down or a back and forth motion. Only slowly move the brush towards the pile of the rug. Once all suds and bubbles have been removed, you can now start the drying procedure.

Step 9: Drying

In the last step when you have made sure that you have removed all suds and the oriental rug is clean, squeeze the excess water from the rug. Only move towards the pile of the rug. Once you have finished compressing the rug, place dry towels on the rug and move on them so that it can absorb water more. Once you have removed most of the water, take the Oriental rug in the home and hang it to dry.

Both sides need adequate airflow to help in the drying procedure. Fans will help to dry the rug faster. Do not use heating lamps as this can cause irregular drying and it will result in your rug becoming curly once fully dry.

Prevent leaving the rug outdoors in the sunshine for years as this may reduce the rug. Once the Oriental rug is dry, you may re-vacuum the rug or rub your hand to remove any stiffened areas of the rug.

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