Keeping the fabrics of your Sunbrella clean is essential. Typically, Sunbrella fabrics are mildew resistant. Nonetheless, mud and dirt aren’t. Therefore, whenever you notice a patio sun umbrella having mildew, it is because the materials are dirty and muddy. To prevent accumulation of mildew, you should clean your Sunbrella.

Below are steps on how to clean an Offset tilt patio umbrella


Common All-Round Cleaning

Machine washing

If the umbrella fabric of your Sunbrella is removable, then you can machine wash it. You should clean the covers in cold water, less than 38 degrees Celsius. The soap you use depends on the size of your cover. However, use standard amounts of soap.

After cleaning, air dries the fabric. We do NOT recommend drying the Sunbrella fabrics in a dryer. This is because Sunbrella fabrics are acrylic, and tumble drying this fabric may cause shrinking or wrinkling.

If after washing you choose to iron, you can. Set your iron box in synthetics setting.


Cleaning to remove spots and stains

Most of Sunbrella fabrics are stain resistant. As the materials are resistant to moisture, the majority of liquids that cause stains do not remain in the fibers long enough to become a stain.

Usually, a wet towel will remove spots and stains. In case there is a stubborn stain which doesn’t disappear after wiping, below are steps to help you remove it;


How to heavy clean your Sunbrella

If you are looking too massive clean the sun deck umbrella, follow the steps below;

Always protect the area surrounding the Sunbrella fabric during heavy cleaning. Heavy cleaning uses a bleaching agent, which may discolor any non-Sunbrella fabrics. Also, rinse thoroughly, to remove the bleach. Usually, bleach settings are hazardous to the fibers.


Final words

We prefer air-drying not only because drying using a dryer may cause shrinkage. We recommend it because the fabric will dry faster. In case the fabric wrinkles after drying, you can use your iron to smoothen it. Always set the iron box in the synthetic setting.

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