There are certain parts of our homes that we just expect to work. Drain pipes are one of those. We don’t think about them much until there is a problem. However, if you change your outlook and give them an occasional cleaning, you may be able to prevent big problems ahead.

If you notice some kind of a small problem with your drains, do not hesitate and postpone repairing it. If the problem is allowed to persist, it can develop into something serious and costly.

Why Should I Clean the Pipes?

Even though they are designed for taking away the sewer water from your home, the drain pipes have their life expectancy, as well as some issues which can create blockages or breaks in the system. The case of the London fatberg has been all over the news recently, and it just shows what kind of damage small and insignificant debris can have if left to accumulate over time.

Sewer Blockages

The joints and turns in the pipes are critical places where a buildup of various materials can occur. Over time, this buildup can cause a complete blockage and create a plumbing emergency. If you notice that your sink or a bath takes a longer time to drain, it may be indicative of this problem.

If this problem is not addressed, you can expect to experience water spurting out of your toilet or other drains rather than draining away, or even worse, a burst pipe, which can cause serious damage to your home.

The Bad Smell

The debris which collects in your pipes is an excellent breeding ground for various bacteria and other unwanted organisms. The result is not only unsanitary conditions but also the noxious odor which persists and comes from every drain in your house. At first, it may be just a faint whiff, but over time it can develop into a serious problem.

Cleaning your pipes regularly can remove the debris and the bacteria which grow on them, resulting in the disappearance of the smell and cleaner pipes.

Pipe Damage

The small clogs in the pipes may seem like a minor problem, but they can have serious and lasting repercussions. These spots where the debris forms are susceptible to corrosion and that can seriously shorten the life expectancy of the pipes.

If your pipes fail, you risk having your home flooded by the sewer water. Not only is it a problem of flooding and damaging your home and property, but it is also sewer water, which is a biohazard and can contain bacteria which are harmful to your health.

Pipe Cleaning

So, we’ve come to a conclusion that pipe maintenance is important. So, who do you hire for such a job? There are some key factors which you can use to determine whether the plumbing company is worthy of your time. You can find some useful information about it in this article You really should try to have this maintenance done at least once a year to ensure that your pipes remain clean and undamaged.

In summary, do not neglect your pipes if you want to prevent potential damage to your house. And make sure that whoever you hire is fully qualified to do the job.

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