How to Choose the Best Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

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Unlike residential garage doors, commercial garage doors are used for much larger spaces. They are also utilised by a large group of people. Their purpose is to provide ease of access and security to businesses.

Any business or industry that moves any amount of stock makes use of loading docks. And loading docks need commercial roller doors to make loading and unloading of stocks easy.  

Types of businesses that use commercial garage doors

Here are some examples of industries/businesses that use commercial roller garage doors.

  • Repair and mechanic shops. Roller commercial garage doors are commonly used in car repair shops since vehicles need a wide entry point.
  • Fire departments. Roller doors allow fire trucks to exit the building as quickly as possible during emergencies.
  • Restaurants. Many restaurant owners are now opting to use commercial roller doors to easily open their dining rooms to the outdoors so that customers can enjoy open-air dining.
  • Retail stores. Some retailers opt to use roller doors for their stores because this makes it easier for them to receive goods from the manufacturer. They are also useful when it comes to moving goods from the delivery vehicle to the storage area.
  • Manufacturing companies. Manufacturing companies use loading docks to unload raw materials and to load manufactured goods for shipping. That’s why commercial roller doors are vital in the daily operation of a manufacturing company.

Tips for choosing the right commercial garage doors for your business

Industrial garage doors come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. So, how do you know which one will suit your business needs perfectly? Here are some features and characteristics to look for.

  • Practicality. Your business garage doors should match your commercial property. For example, heavy-duty garage doors are more suitable for an industrial setup that sees a great deal of traffic.
  • Style. There are many different business garage door styles, such as shutter doors, sectional garage doors, tilt garage doors, and roller garage doors. Before making a choice, you need to consider the type of industry or business you’re running and if it’s only for pedestrians, vehicles, or both. You also need to take into consideration the size of the vehicles that need to pass through it every day.
  • Size. Roller and sectional doors are perfect for commercial spaces with larger entrances. But if you need something that can be used in smaller spaces with very little back room, then the best option is a roller door.
  • Visual appearance. Even industrial garage doors need to look aesthetically appealing. They should also suit the building they are fitted into. Colorbond and aluminium steel garage doors can be powder-coated into a wide range of colours to match your commercial space. 

Concluding thoughts

CCTVs and a good alarm system are excellent measures to protect your business, but there are many ways to get past them. That’s why you should also have a strong and durable commercial garage door installed to safeguard your business against thieves and burglars.

If they can’t break into your building, they can’t do your business any harm.

As always, make sure that you only get your garage doors from a reputable manufacturer, such as Eco Garage Doors, that sells only the best garage doors in Melbourne.

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