Are you renting your first apartment? You’re not alone. In fact, more people are renting now than at any other point in the last 50 years.

Before moving into your first apartment, however, it’s important to request an apartment inspection. Otherwise, you might move in and get blamed for damages that weren’t your fault later on.

Unsure of what to look for in an apartment inspection? Here’s the only apartment inspection checklist you’ll need.

Keep reading for your full apartment walkthrough checklist!

Throughout the Apartment

A thorough apartment inspection will allow you to make sure everything is to your liking before you move in. It will also keep the landlord from claiming you caused certain damages. By completing an inspection before you sign a lease, you can avoid paying for repairs in the future.

Instead, you can move in with peace of mind that everything fixed and that the apartment is safe to live in.

Here are a few things look for in an apartment during your inspection:

First, make sure there’s no evidence of water leaks near the windows or vents. Check the walls for holes or cracks, too. As you examine the walls, look for drips or chips in the paint as well. 

Don’t move into an apartment if the smoke detectors aren’t working. 

Next, check to make sure the HVAC system is working. Proper maintenance on your HVAC unit could save as much as 30% on your energy bill.

Then, make sure all the electrical outlets and lights are working properly. If there’s a burn or crack around the outlet, get it fixed to avoid potential electrical issues.

Are the windows and doors properly insulated? Check the locks, too. 

In the Kitchen

Next, check the kitchen. Here’s what to look for in an apartment kitchen during your inspection:

Make sure all the kitchen appliances are working properly. Make sure there’s running water, too. Don’t forget to test the garbage disposal.

During your inspection, make sure the water, refrigerator, and freezer meet the right temperatures. 

In the Bathroom

Don’t forget to add the bathroom to your apartment walkthrough checklist, including the:

Make sure everything works properly. Does the hot water get hot? Make sure none of the plumbing causes a leak.

Even a tiny leak can cause a huge water bill in the future.

In the Bedrooms

During your apartment inspection, complete a walkthrough of each bedroom, too. Make sure the windows are insulted and that the ceiling fan runs without wobbling.

Look for any damages to the floor or carpet while you’re at it.

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Move on In: Your Complete Apartment Inspection Checklist

Don’t move in without completing a thorough apartment inspection. With these tips, you can make sure the apartment meets your expectation. Otherwise, you might find a long list of repairs you’ll have to deal with later on. 

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