Make Sure to Check These 5 Things During A Home Renovation

We all want to upgrade our lives by buying a better car, having a high-level job, or renovating a home. There is nothing harm in aiming for a better lifestyle, but you need to know different factors before doing anything. When it comes to home renovation, you have to plan everything to ensure a hassle-free […]

What to Look Out for During an Apartment Inspection: A Complete Checklist

Are you renting your first apartment? You’re not alone. In fact, more people are renting now than at any other point in the last 50 years. Before moving into your first apartment, however, it’s important to request an apartment inspection. Otherwise, you might move in and get blamed for damages that weren’t your fault later on. Unsure […]

Your Guide to Spring Cleaning – Checklist | Tips And Tricks

spring cleaning tips and tricks

Whether you want a household deep clean or you’re using the new season as an excuse to partake in some well needed rubbish removal, spring is the ideal time to get your home in order.  Before you start, have a walk round your home and make a list of all the areas that you’d like […]