Image result for condo better than houseCondos are very common in this era especially in the urban setting. They are a great alternative to building or buying an expensive home and they are very stylish and elegant. For first-time homebuyers, a condo makes perfect sense, as it is cheaper and has more appeal from some different perspective.

If you have been contemplating about buying a real estate property but you are undecided between buying a house or a condo, here are some reasons why you should prefer a condo to a house.

Condos Are Close To Everything

Acquisition of condos is now the latest trend in home ownership. Although it appeals more to singles, newlyweds or those with small families, many people are investing in condos now than ever before. These days, many people look forward to experiencing a city life.

People who work in urban areas prefer condos than houses due to accessibility and location. Many developers build condos within cities, in the suburbs or even on the seafront. The condo’s strategic location – with easy access to commercial establishments, malls, entertainment areas, hospitals and schools – definitely offers trouble-free and hassle-free living.

Condos Make A Smart Investment Option

Condos in the city centers increase in value handsomely. In the future, the owner can either rent the unit out or re-sell it. Of course, they have to make sure that their condo association rules allow that.

If one has to choose between a condo and a house merely because of investment and not for occupancy, condominiums are more practical investments than a house since they are less expensive.

Their rent price appeals to more tenants. In some popular city centers like in Santa Monica, California, the cost of a regular house can be huge and not many people can afford that. If you are looking to buy a condo in Santa Monica, check out Santa Monica condo for sale. If you are interested in buying condos elsewhere in Los Angeles, check this listing of condo for sale in Los Angeles.

Finally, investing in a condo will save you from stress. Apart from paying the condo association fees which go to the running expenses of the property, you can relax with the assurance that your investment is safe.

Condos Bring Many Luxury Amenities

Condos are built with style and some luxury in mind. They feature premier amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, amazing outdoor spaces, saunas, spas and sky lounges among many other features. The security is also tight in condos and insecurity incidences are never there or they are minimal. With a condo you will still enjoy the luxury of owning your home plus many more.

Although owning a house may still be the initial tendency of many, condos attract many buyers. Condominiums offer a kind of living similar to owning a family home, but they are close to everything since most of them are located within the precincts of cities and towns.

Again, there is no hustle at all when it comes to repairing fixtures and tending the grounds. The monthly fees that you pay take care of that.

When Reselling, Condos Sell Faster

Condos have quick-selling features. If the owner wants to re-sell the condominium in the future, its amenities, proximity to important facilities, building features and lesser running costs give it more chances to sell fast as compared to a single family home.

One of the condo’s best features is their location. Most houses are located far from business centers, which can affect the ease of access to major hubs. Condos are usually just minutes away from prime city hubs. This makes a huge difference for many people.

Condos Make A Better Choice For Urban Dwellers

In the highly-urbanized places in the USA and other countries, daily long travel for working people can be stressful, tiring and it also renders people less productive at work.

Those who live far from their offices may not be able to work overtime even if they want to, since they live far from work. Driving in morning and evening traffic every day is time-consuming. Commuting during nighttime can be difficult and dangerous. Thus, having a condo within the metro makes living in it more secure. You also get security services included in the whole package.

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