Construction – for those who aren’t familiar with the industry, there is an assumption that construction is just wood and cement with a window and door thrown on for a purpose.

There are actually 5 elements that compose construction but more importantly to consider, no matter how big or small the project.

Floor finishes

When it comes to choosing the type of floor and finishing, it is essential to choose the right one that will make the room. Whether it is for residential or commercial or even business purposes. The type of floor selected is vital when it comes to not only adding that personal touch but also factoring the practicality and versatility of it.

For example, a contractor wouldn’t recommend putting a cement or marble floor where kids will be, and you wouldn’t put a plastic wood flooring when there will be lots of wear and tear from rolling chairs, etc. The placement places a huge role in the selection of a flooring finish.


Choosing a flooring finish is one thing – now comes the time to pick a floor. There are many types of floors to pick from, there are carpet, hardwood, laminate and marble flooring for the more fancy and high-end clients. When it comes to construction and building, the choice of floor can sometimes be hard to pick.

Contractors and clients may sometimes find themselves at odds because a contractor or builder will not the best functional choice while a client may be more interested in the aesthetics of a flooring choice.


Typically when it comes to walls and their function, they will be either a load-bearing wall or a non-load bearing wall. What this means is a load bearing wall is intended to provide support, whether that’s for a pillar of another structure.

While a non-load bearing merely is there as a divider between walls or sections of a room. Walls can be customized to have add-ons such as an access panel or even a storage space. Again, similar to floors, the type of wall style and material will vary on the location and purpose.

A room that contains an HVAC unit wouldn’t use drywall or plaster as it would not prevent any sound transference let alone be heat resistant. In this cirumstance, it would be ideal to go with a wall choice that is designed to be heat resistant and can absorb the noise of the heavy machinery like an HVAC system.


If you thought picking a floor had varieties, windows have just as many to choose from as they all have varying purposes. From a window that goes in the basement to a window that’s simply on the inside. Windows next to floors is up there in construction elements. Not only is it just as important as floors, but windows can come with various coatings and ratings. There is also a time in which they do require updating and repairs.



Access Doors and panels can be both decorative but also purposeful. They can be used on the inside or outside of a house. It’s an element within an element because when you look at the quality, insulation is something to bear in mind with it – and insulation is an element we will be discussing.

Doors are also an important aspect of construction, especially building because doors are often just though as what one walks through; however, doors can also be what hides and conceals wires and pipes. The right door and material can be multi-functional and clients might pick aesthetics over functionality, which again, can be hard for a contractor.


When it comes to construction, no matter how big or small the project, there are elements that without one or the other, just can’t make a project. From windows to doors, to access panels, these are factors that need to be considered and are always incorporated in the build.

Experienced builders and contractors will be able to guide their clients and make the best recommendations, even when a client may be more for aesthetics or budget.

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