Invest in the Benefits of Cozy without Breaking the Bank

When you think cozy, what comes to mind? Pillows, blankets, comfy couches and warm hot cocoa, right? Luckily, a popular home decor fad includes all of this and is best practiced during the winter months.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a popular Scandinavian interior style and lifestyle trend centered on enjoying the simple things in life. The word hygge is of Danish origin and most closely translates to “giving comfort and joy”. Considering Denmark is hailed as one of the happiest in the world, why not give this a go?

Coziness should not be limited by expensive home renovations. Fortunately, hygge is available to all. Make the most of your space by using these helpful tips and tricks.

Wrap Yourself in Warmth

Fill your home with warmth. Keep blankets and throws easily accessible just in case a chill comes through. Have plenty of throw pillows in soft textures that promote only the most comfortable of atmospheres. Faux fur, chunky knits and chenille are great qualities to consider when achieving your quest for cozy.

Budgets options are everywhere so it’s easy to incorporate these into your home style Additionally, displaying these warm textures and patterns over furniture will further your hygge decor.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Not only does getting a good night’s sleep help your health, it also allows you to totally and completely relax in your hygge home. Everyone needs an effective recharge as a way to continue dealing with life’s constant twists and turns.

Look for mattresses that won’t cripple your bank account and still allow you some extra cash to purchase cozy comforters and soft pillows. There’s a great selection of affordable mattresses online to keep in mind. Bedroom textile patterns should be simple! Choose particular themes and colors that create a calming environment.

Light Up Your Space

Create a hygge-centered ambiance based on your personal preferences. Pack your home with your most cherished scents to create a comfortable atmosphere. Some prefer dimly lit spaces full of twinkly lights while others are more partial to natural light. No matter the choice, stick to your own, individual decor style to create a space that most closely fits your preferred look and feel. This small investment can have a huge impact on your space.

Grab A Snuggle Buddy

Companionship is an important principle of hygge. Grab your closest snuggle buddy and dive into a movie marathon or TV show binge – no purchase necessary.

No one close by to share this moment with? Fill your space with loved ones by adorning photos and memories around your space. Feature your favorites with a gallery wall display or use canvas prints to keep those you love close to the heart of your home.

Practice Self-Care

There are plenty of activities to partake in for the sake of self-care. Make sure these endeavors are based on what you most enjoy doing. Some prefer at-home spa treatments while others may want to curl up with their dearest book and most-loved cup of tea.

Whatever you enjoy, stay fully immersed in the moment to truly enjoy it to the fullest. Unplugging from electronics and muting social media are great ways to achieve a hyggelig home.

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