Tiffany style lighting adds beauty, warmth and class to any home. There are many styles and types of Tiffany lighting available to purchase including ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps and hanging lamps. With such variety available in colour, size and shape you can always work the lights into the design of any room.

The Tiffany style of lighting and decor first emerged during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The affect is created when hundreds of colourful glass pieces are melded together to create various shades. Many Tiffany light designs are derived from and inspired by nature.

When it comes to decorating your home to suit Tiffany lighting you would probably think that you will need lots of antiques and opulent treasures.

However, you don’t have to decorate this way. Yes it’s true that Tiffany lighting is closely associated with early 20th Century Art Noveau styles but it can work just as well in contemporary settings as it does with nostalgic decorating styles.

Tiffany Lighting arrangement

If you choose to use more than one Tiffany style lamp then stay with one shape or design, otherwise your scheme will look too crowded and chaotic. It’s important to keep this uniform look when decorating with Tiffany style lamps. Too add a feeling of cohesion to any room pair lamps with similar colours, motifs and patterns.

One single Tiffany lamp can easily act as a focal point to any room, thanks to its arresting colour and craftsmanship. When using multiple lighting you can combine a Tiffany hanging lamp in the middle of the room and combine it with one or two Tiffany table lamps placed either side.

Furniture And Tiffany Lighting

When it comes to pairing furniture with Tiffany style lighting, be sure to look for seating that’s upholstered in floral patterns to complement the extravagant patterns that you will find on any Tiffany Lamp. The same goes for any cupboards or any chest of drawers you may have in the room. Look for any botanical motifs to complement the lamps.

Wallpaper And Tiffany Lighting

As many Tiffany lamps feature pretty and detailed nature and/or botanical imagery, that can act as a great source of inspiration for when it comes to selecting wallpaper for your home. Be careful not to have the same amount of detail in your wallpaper than what you have on your lamp though. You want to choose solid tones that suit the colour scheme of your Tiffany lights, so cream, brown and green often work well here.


Tiffany style lights can be bought from any quality lighting store. There are hundreds to choose from but just keep in mind that the store can’t stock them all so be sure to enquire if the store can order in the light for you. So whether you enjoy the ornate originals or more modern interpretations of Tiffany lights, either way, it’s a great way to enhance your decor.

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