If you have carpet in your house, plus kids or pets, then there is a high probability of dust coming in. Heavily soiled carpet looks unattractive, and it is a home of mold and bacteria.

Professional carpet cleaners have their own set of secret recipes for success.To many of us, carpet cleaning services may seem to be a mysterious science. It is a fact there is a lot to learn about this subject.

Learn the secrets of carpet cleaning to keep them looking fresh and new.


Thoroughly Vacuum the Carpet Daily

Invest in buying a good vacuum cleaner that sucks up the old dry soil and dirt from the carpet. Regularly vacuuming helps your carpet looks fresh and smelling fresh.

But always remember; don’t just rush the whole vacuuming process. Make several passes over every section to remove the maximum amount of dust and dirt from the deep carpet fibers.

If you miss this step of carpet cleaning services, then the chemical extraction has to fight a harder battle to clean carpets.

Use a pre-spray

This step is a very important step in cleaning heavily soiled carpets. It’s a very effective way to clean the carpet. Use a good quality pre-spray. For the best results, apply the pre-spray by pump-up-sprayer.

Spray the entire carpet with this pre-sprayer and make sure that you do not over-wet the carpet. Put that much amount of spray only that it won’t dry before you do the next step.

Leave the pre-spray for few minutes. Pre-spraying carpet cleaning method uses fewer chemicals and is cost saving. It allows the chemicals to dwell on the carpet and break the soil so that it can be effectively extracted from the carpet fibers.


Hot water extraction carpet cleaner

Hot water extraction is the most prevalent method professionals use today for carpet cleaning.

In this method, the hot water and other cleaning agents are propelled into your carpet at a high pressure, which is used to loosen the dirt inside the carpet.

This treatment only requires water to be hot. Not much that it turns into steam but enough to clean the carpet.

Many experts recommend this carpet cleaning method. This process prevents the carpet from shrinking and also removes stains exceptionally well. The advantage of this method is that it flushes out a large amount of soil and contaminants in the carpet.

Use a defoamer

When there is a large amount of detergent residue built-up in the carpet, then, use a defoamer to clean the carpets. It will cost you a very small amount of extra money but believe us, it the most recommended method when extracting carpets.

A defoamer is a must-have solution the situations where carpets are cleaned frequently with the shampoo or bonnets because these methods can leave the chemicals inside the carpet.  Pour 1-3 ounces of defoamer in the recovery tank and clean the carpets a usual.

Dry Powder cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning does not use water and hence called dry powder carpet cleaning method.

The dry powder is used as an absorptive material here. It is made up of detergent, solvent and a very small amount of water. This dry powder is sprinkled over the carpet and spread thoroughly with the help of the rotating machines. Then the carpet is left with this powder for about 15 minutes. The powder and the dirt inside the carpet are removed with the help of the vacuum.

Once you have decided the preferred carpet cleaning services, call the professional in your area that specializes in it. Choose the right carpet cleaning services for your needs.

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