When you have finished a long-day at work, your cozy couch should be the ideal place to relax and unwind, which can sometimes involve late-night snacks or smelly feet. You may not realize that couch is dirty but offering your sofa with a deep-clean every now and again assists in removing a build-up of things you may not want to think about, like dead skin cells, dust mites and leftover food. If your couch is made out of natural fabric, here are a few tips on how to make your sofa look new again.


Identifying The Fabric

Couches come in various materials and shapes, with a few that come with washable and removable cushions. If your couch is linen or a cotton-blend, it is easy to clean with ingredients that are natural. Before you begin, look at the label to identify what fabrics you are working with. Most sofas will have a tag that will identify the following:

W- It is okay to use water when you clean

S- You can only use solvent-based cleaners for the fabric

SW- Either a solvent-cleaner or water is ok for cleaning

X- You can only use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning

Preparing Your Couch

To prepare your sofa for cleaning use a clean washcloth, or white hand-towel to brush the fabric, breaking up dried-on spots and removing debris that has become lodged in the corners of your couches suggest Connect Cleaners. Depending on the fabric you may be able to use a stiff-brush for this part of the cleaning. Avoid using a colored sponge or towel, as the dyes may stain or change fabric color on your couch.

Deep Cleaning

Sprinkle your sofa with a liberal layer of baking-soda. The baking-soda assists in releasing any odors and will break up any stains on the fabric. Allow the powder to stand on your couches for around and hour or even more before you vacuum up the baking-soda using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

How To Remove Stains

Now inspect your sofa for any stains that have been left behind. Combine together, this simple to make cleaning solution and conduct a fabric-spot test on an area which is out of view to make sure the solution does not cause any discolorations. Now dip a cloth or sponge in this cleaning solution and gently rub or dab the stains. You can even use this cleaning solution to wipe down your entire couch, you will be surprised by the results.

Just Like New

Let your couch dry completely, conducting any touch-up if needed. Your couch might look darker until it dries completely. These cleaning methods are safe for use on most fabrics and can be used every time your couches require a deep clean or for touch ups.

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