If you have decided to paint your house by yourself then this article will help you in the process. This article compiles useful and easy tips for painting from residential Painters so that you could also achieve a professional look. Follow the steps mentioned below. 

Preparing the Surfaces 

You need to prepare the surface and find all sorts of cracks and dents on the wall. Now the question will pop up in your head that how will you find the crack with great vigilance. Keep in mind that it is not rocket science, simply take the help of a lamp and take that near the wall for the visible appearance of cracks. You will find bumps and other nail pops jumping out of the wall. Make use of plaster of paris for dents which are deeper than 1/8 inch.

What to do with minor cracks or dents? You simply need to put painters putty and you’re good to go. This step is very essential as you are preparing your wall and damage was wall not give your paint the smooth appearance and finish. If you want the paint to better stick to your walls and you need to follow this step regardlessly or consult any professional residential painter.

Sanding  by Residential Painter

The next step is making use of the sanding technique. You can consult residential painter for the better results for sanding. In this process, you will be chipping out the paint for the next coat. If you need a glossy trim then you should make use of a sanding sponge, not sandpaper.

Additionally, you will never love textured walls, right? To get rid of this unwanted problem you have to remove the dust away. All you need to do is Sponge Bathe the walls with the trisodium phosphate (TSP). How to clean them? Well, you need to use two buckets. One bucket must be filled with your solution water and others with simple clean water. Next saturated the sponge from your cleaning solution bucket and start scrubbing over to your walls. Then redip the sponge in clean water. 

Roller rules followed by Residential Painter

You should be very picky about choosing a roller. If you are looking for a sign of a perfect roller then basically it should be capable of holding a lot of paint. Many residential painter suggested that a good roller will have a long nap for about half an inch.

You don’t need to necessarily have to buy expensive rollers as cheap ones can do the drill. To make them work perfectly you need to wash them in dishwashing liquid and remove any fibers. Make sure you are getting a lighter and wider version of the roller so that you can apply the strokes in no time.

Painting brush

You also need to pay attention to the brush which is used for painting. A better brush is very essential for a professional finish. Spend about $30 polar quality brush which owns natural Bristle. If you are confused about which type of brushes you need to use soft nylon brushes for better visual appeal.