Painting: A Self-Expression Visual Language


Painting is a visual dance of the mind and one of the first techniques of self-expression. It comes before speaking language, making thoughts visible and helping even the youngest children to convey ideas, express feelings, assemble knowledge, and attempt to make sense of their surroundings. Painting provides voice to the silent, allowing young children to […]

What Kind Of Wall Paint Is Washable?

Some young children like nothing better than to put jammy handprints on walls. To the parents of these kids, this heading may sound like a dream. However, washable wall paint does exist, and it can come with more than just a bit of strawberry jelly and peanut butter. Clearly, anyone who has tried to remove […]

6 Ways to Decorate your Home with Pastels

bright colors for birthday party decorations

With the pandemic in place, most of us have spent a good fraction of the last couple of years in our homes. As we adjust ourselves to the new normal, there is a renewed focus on home décor. People understand that the ambiance of the place sets the mood. Experts have established that pastel colors […]



Since the very beginning of time humans have adorned the wall gallery of their houses and workplaces using painting on canvas. From the raw cave paintings in the Stone Age to the elegant masterpieces of the ancient Rome and Egypt’s incomparable display of wealth, humans have always found one way or the other to express […]

Our Favorite Paint Trends for 2020

2020 paint ideas

Jewel Tone Teal photo FLATS – The Alfred (left) and FLATS – The Bush Temple (right) Rich hues work especially well in small spaces because they create depth to a room, tricking the eye that the room goes further than it does. Statement colors like a saturated teal look modern when they’re set as backdrop […]

5 Things to Expect from a Professional Painter


If you are looking to renew the paint of your house, you might be thinking whether you should do it yourself or hire a paint professional. We can tell you are probably stuck in making a decision, but the actual reason is that house painting is a quite shattering job. Commonly, most of the household […]

Important Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen trash can smell

Many reasons would prompt one to paint their kitchen cabinets, the foremost being beautification. As easy as it may look, painting cabinets is no stroll in the park, so you ought to plan well. You can do this task by yourself or with the help of someone else to shorten the time taken. DIY (Do […]