With the pandemic in place, most of us have spent a good fraction of the last couple of years in our homes. As we adjust ourselves to the new normal, there is a renewed focus on home décor.

People understand that the ambiance of the place sets the mood. Experts have established that pastel colors help to rejuvenate the mood and foster a positive environment. These days, pastels are in vogue in all sorts of home décor items.

The widespread popularity of pastels can also be attributed to the fact that pastels have an air of sophistication. If you want to come off as elegant and mature, pastels are a go-to solution.

To make the most of pastels, planning and strategizing are necessary. Here are six tips that will help you in your pastel décor journey.


Start Small

Since pastel hues are a relatively new concept in home décor, it is understandable that you are skeptical about adding them. In these initial days, you can avoid going full-on pastel and look for small introductions. For example, pastel curtains on your study, pastel cushions, or lampshades in the living room can help break the monotonicity.

A bedroom is an ideal place for introducing pastels. Floral or geometric bedspreads and cushions in pastel hues are a welcome addition to modern bedrooms.

Layer it On

If you have a not-so-subtle personality, you can experiment with pastel layers. While working on layers, the focus should be on the appropriate color combinations. For example, a creamy undertone of pink can be layered with mint green. Similarly, pastel shades of green go well with lemon yellow and can be used in bedroom décor. For the best result, try to pair printed pastel décor with ones in solids. That way, you will end up with a colorful yet grown-up room.

Hide Among Patterns

A recent pastel trend is to avoid making the use of pastel seem obvious. You can use pastel shades in motives of other colors. The use of pastel in floral prints helps to add an aesthetic vibe.

These make excellent wallpapers, table mats, rugs, etc. Depending on the personality of your home, you can also use these patterns as the background for displaying your precious medals, certificates, and paintings.

Focus on the Warm

If you are keen on using solids with your pastels, you have a good range of options. For those who are keen on achieving a sophisticated décor look, warmer shades of pastels are a perfect choice. For example, ballet slipper pink seems more sophisticated than baby pink.

Such a color is an ideal choice for situations where you want to use a single color on all your walls.

The utility of the room plays a deciding role in the warmth of the pastel colors shade. A cloudy blue is somber and is ideal for a room where you wish to meditate or study. However, if you are looking to decorate a cheerful room such as your child’s play area, pastel hues of baby blue would fit in better.

Pastels as Accessories

Pastels are an excellent addition to your décor accessories. You can introduce pastels to your home with crockery, tableware, and other accessories. For example, your dining table van has pastel linens. Light-colored napkins that are embroidered in spring-fresh colors are associated with elegance and are seen as a sign of aristocracy.

Alternatively, you can take a conventional path and introduce pastels as glassware. Pastel teapot covers, coasters, etc are some of the other ideas that you can explore. The appropriate use of pastels helps to add a touch of levity to a traditional table and helps you make a statement.

Extend Beyond the House

Modern-day home décor extends beyond the four walls of the house and extends to your outdoor spaces as well. Soft greens and pastel blues are a welcome addition to the outdoor space and help you create tonal moments. Pastel blue vases complement natural and artificial plants in green.

For small balconies that are surrounded by tall buildings and typical urban life, these transport the viewer to greener pastures. Not only does this calm the mind, but it also boosts one’s productivity at work.

All the above ideas will help your living space stand apart. Initially, the use of pastels may seem overwhelming. However, over time you will figure out the things that work for you. To give you a headstart in your pastel journey, here are some tips.

By now, you are equipped to begin on your journey of elegant, pastel décor. As you make informed decisions about your décor, here’s hoping that you are successful in designing the home of your dreams. After all, appealing home décor puts you on your productive best and sets you on the path to professional and personal success.