Everyone wants a beautiful home with a perfect interior design theme, and everyone hopes to get the best colours, fittings, accessories and patterns, but how many persons are really willing to go for it?

There is such a general misconception that only the rich or affluent can have the best of homes, I won’t be telling if that is true or not, what i’ll be telling is that you can have a beautiful abode, irrespective of how much you’re willing to put into redefining your space. All you need is the inspiration and ideas which you can get nowhere else but here as we briefly talk about the various interior design themes.

A home beautifier is its interior décor. When moving into a new home or if you plan on renovating your home or office, interior decoration is what should be considered. Designing your home not only appeals to you but also to people who pay you a visit. The way your home or office looks sometimes tell people who you truly are and defines your personality.



The Perfect Interior Design Theme

There are lots of interior design themes to choose from depending on your taste. In this article, you will discover some various interior design theme styles you can make use of when the need arises.


They are:


This interior design theme style stems back to the early 60’s and is still widely used by a lot of people. If you decide to choose this design style, you should note that its form deals with the use of geometric shapes like squares and rectangles. Materials used are wood, plastic, glossy metals, glass, plastic etc.


If you decide to make us of this interior design theme style, it would interest you to know that you can create a unique look through its interior elements and furnishings. Its silhouettes and antiques when fused together produce an outstanding effect. A lot of architectural work goes into this which illustrates comfort and elegance.

The colors to be used on the furniture have to be rich in color like red or brown while various artworks should have a blend of colors. The walls have to be painted neutrally so that all colors used can complement each other. Fabrics can come in several forms like florals or paisleys while textile materials used should be in the form of cashmere or silk.


Another key element to look out for is the type of wood used. This style uses dark woods like maple, mahogany or cherry. When carved, it gives the room a unique feel. Some other embellishments can be used such as elaborate moldings, intricate floor patterns, arches and even cabinets.


This design is basically used for buildings that are quite old and can be transformed into a place of residence. If you decide to go with this design, in order to have that industrial look, old industrial objects like metal, wood or steel will be used.

Colors to be used should be cool and not bright. Some art work can be displayed on the walls. This design style normally comes with polished concrete as well as timber flooring for that industrial look.

What also makes this design stand out is the use of big leaf plants around the house.


This design style is what is popularly used today. It is usually a combination of design ideas from other styles. If you want to go with this style, there might be an incorporation of elements from other design styles to give your home that contemporary look.



This style is characterized by a lot of creative patterns and colors which gives your surrounding its warm look.

What is your design style? There are still so many design styles for you to explore. To get that definite interior look you really desire, go for what you want and best suits you.

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