For those who are yet to realize, the living room is the heart of a home, it is the first room that a visitor visualizes once they walk in through your front door. The living room creates that first impression. But one thing can take away all that beauty and elegance, and that’s the lack of space. As a matter of fact, a living room without enough space for easy movement and navigation feels like a prison cell. No one loves to feel caved in.

We know that totally remodeling your home to create much more space and easy flow may require quite a lot of time and cash, there are still some genius ways that a home owner can create the impression of a bigger home, without breaking the bank. Here are some simple ideas to help you with that.


The Wall Advantage

Yeah, it’s insane to think that you can move your wall around, but what creates the impression of a choked up or spacious room is the edge where the wall comes in contact with the floor. As advised in our post, decorating with stripes, an interior decoration which lays much emphasis on the height of a wall is more likely to have your guests looking all the way up, thereby creating some sense of a larger room.

To achieve this, it is advised that you use very long floor-length curtains or learn how to work with stripes.

Floor Focus

If possible, you should use the same design and flooring material on your home’s floor for the best visual effect. Materials such as tiles, carpets or wood when used on a home’s floor uninterrupted, are likely going to create a flow with your home’s interior. If you can, choose to go home with the sofas and cabinets that have legs underneath and thus, make it easy to see beneath the seats, this gives an impression that there’s definitely some more space.

Easy Traffic

The number one sign of a large home space is an uninterrupted movement. Your home’s furniture should take a very simple layout that allows just anyone move from one corner to another with ease. Where’s the guest who walks in from your door more likely to go? The sectional sofa or your desk-chair? How easy is the path to the sofa? What are the possible obstructions? Do your best to create as much space as possible which is needed to perform some common home tasks in the house.


As earlier detailed in our article about lighting, if there’s more to see, then there’s more to feel. Be sure to have as much lighting as possible in your home. Avoid the dark edges that come with uncertainties thus making your guests wonder what creepy things could be down there. If possible, make use of a mirror to aid light reflection.

Focal Point

The focal point is in most cases, the savior of every home. The ability to turn people’s attention away from their insecurities by creating a beautiful distraction in the room through the introduction of a feature wall or a bold wall art can be the key to making your home feel bigger.

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