A lot of ladies understand the authority that stripes can command especially in the fashion world. Extra large and bold stripes or even the slim and almost faded ones, one thing is sure, the eyes will always follow the lines, with hunger for a pleasing end. In simpler terms, stripes are alluring.

Why A Stripe Design Will Make Your Home Beautiful

Professional decorators understand that stripes are beautiful, and just as they command so much authority on a runway, they do the same in a home. Stripes are a perfect fit for a home with a contemporary style, especially if you know how best to incorporate them in your home’s design.

Decorating your home’s interior with a stripped patterned layout looks very hard, but is it? Truly, it’s not. Having a stripe fit into your home’s contemporary theme is sure to leave a long lasting impact on every sight that beholds it.

To get you inspired, here are a few ways you can have your home redecorated with some stripes here and there

Striped Wall Paint Ideas

If you’re going all in for a full view, hoping to totally have this new trend incorporated in your home’s theme, then you can opt to have your walls painted in stripes with the right sheen, but the key is to keep it moderate. An entire room painted in stripes is very likely going to get your eyeballs confused with some little spinning. Stripes on a wall should be only on the room’s focal wall, it should not be everywhere.

Stripe Pillow Ideas

The pillows on your furniture can also give off some radiance in a simple way if they are well fitted into a striped cover. It is advised that anyone who’s venturing into getting along with streaks should try different color combinations in order to get the best result.

Stripe Rug Ideas

If you’re going to be using a  trendy rug in your stripe themed home, then you may have to go with a striped rug with a very sharp contrast to pop out its beauty. Since the rug is laid on the floor, it is important that it has a very high contrast to make it well noticed.

Curtains With Stripe Designs

If you are unable to lay your hands on striped wallpaper, and you aren’t looking forward to totally changing your paint design, you can consider getting a striped curtain to blend with your throw pillows and other accessories to create a balance. Be sure to get the perfect curtain sizes with a ceiling to floor length to spark up the illusion of a very tall room.

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