Are Area Rugs Still Trendy?


Recently, everyone has been running away from the use of area rugs, as a matter of fact, people have decided to rely on tiles, probably because it’s much easier to maintain, cleanup is easy and stains aren’t really as sticky as they would be, if a rug was the case… but hold on a minute! Are we talking about easy or luxury? Are we talking about simple or classy?

Why You Need An Area Rug

The rug is the best bet to give the floor of your home,  a representation of your walls. Easier put, a sophisticated wall in a sophisticated home means nothing, if the floor has nothing to say.

Asides your furniture, sometimes, all that is needed is a simple area rug at the middle of your home, somewhere around your sitting room, beneath your bed, or even close to your staircase, the rug will forever remain trendy.


Recently, we had a brief question and answer session with other interior decorators on what they think about rugs, and many of them held these points strongly:

  • Personalization: Rugs are of different colors and styles, it’s easier to find a red rug than to find a red tile, I’ve never even spotted a red tile by the way.
  • Luxury: Rugs offer some form of luxury, no wonder some persons quickly take off their shoes and run their toes through the wool on the rug… It makes you feel at home.
  • Durability: Rugs remain just as they are if properly maintained, their stitching patterns hold so well that it can hardly tear off from any of its edges.

So think again, are rugs trendy or old school?