Everyone loves a good reward especially for a job that they love. Especially one that requires nothing more than the business of creativity, little wonder we have continuously received several messages from our readers, seeking to get the best tips on how to become a professional interior decorator. To becoming an interior decorator is a beautiful career line that a lot of creative persons are subscribing to. There aren’t really very much jobs that offer very wonderful benefits as a career in interior decoration will.

How To Be An Interior Designer – Tip 1: Knowing the Implications

Some people do not fully understand the implications of becoming an interior decorator, this is a path that can make or mar you in a jiffy. A single contract can push you to heights you never thought you could get to so soon, however, a simple error can ruin everything. But then again, it takes an expert to spot the errors of an interior decorator, especially in a field where creativity everything.


While acting in your capacity as an interior decorator, you should be prepared to meet a lot of interesting people, as a matter of fact, you will be spending so much time in the beautiful homes of wealthy people, that’s because a lot of persons who hire interior decorators are rich to the teeth! This is another positivity and a major aim why a lot of persons are striving to become interior decorators every now and then, however, you have to make yourself stand out from the many others who do not have the passion and the expertise.

During my early days as an interior decorator, I was only concerned about homes, I received several contracts where I put in my best and left my clients pleased, however I never really stretched my imagination to what else I could do. One of my happy clients went on to brag to a certain pastor to count on me for the décor of his church, a task I had never handled,

I amazed myself at the end of the day. I had also made a friend who worked somewhere in the United States on an interior decorating forum,  she never saw it coming when she was contracted to design the interior of a Yatch! She nailed it!


How To Be An Interior Designer – Tip 2: The Demand

These days unlike before, a lot of persons are recognizing the need for interior decorators. The job description has evolved and generated higher that just homes. Now we are hired by multinationals in various business sectors to help define very available office space. A simple list of some of the firms that an interior decorator can work with includes: Hotels, Art Galleries, Restaurants, Spas, Cinemas, Law Firms, Corporate head offices, Advertising Agencies, Real Estate owners and a whole lot more. I’m sure you’re already getting the picture on why you want to become an interior decorator.

How To Be An Interior Designer – Tip 3: Required Skill

Becoming an expert interior decorator is one that requires desire. Although there are several institutions that have been set up to teach the basics, the truth remains simple, that’s just about where it ends, the basics! Interior decoration requires creativity! This is something that can never the taught in any school. It comes from within or from a few inspirations which can be gotten through the innate desire to know more, by seeing more.

How To Be An Interior Designer – Tip 4: Where to Start

If you believe you have the required passion to become an interior decorator, you can sign up to any available institution or online school around you in order to learn the basics. If you are unable to follow this first tip towards becoming an interior decorator, then your next option should be carrying out an extensive research online on the basics of interior decoration. Join available forums where challenges and discussions are dissected and lessons are detail-oriented.


Download online guides which give awesome tips on how to be a good interior decorator. Get a mentor who will be willing to help, work for free to gain experience in the interior decoration field, and teach yourself.

Every client who comes your way with a job in interior decorating expects you to know a lot about the job, some of what they expect you to give proper guidance on include space management, colour management, lightings, decorating themes, furniture patterns and shades, flooring designs, window patterns and a whole lot of others.

How To Be An Interior Designer – Tip 5: Getting the Contract

To get several contracts, you will have to create a very impressive portfolio on interior decorations. As a starter with no portfolio you should start with your own home, and that of your friends. You can also work under experts in the field to get more experience and pictures for your portfolio.

Make an outstanding resume and cover letter which you will have to submit to retailers of home accessories, home builders and contractors, interior design firms and a host of other potential clients.


Do not let anything stop you, except you are not totally sure on why you want to become an interior decorator. The possibilities are endless, follow your dreams.

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