I was invited to an event recently by a friend and as soon as I took my first step into the hall, all my lips could utter was ‘wow’! To say I was blown away would be an understatement but for lack of a better choice of words I leave it at that. The idea was simple, adherence to the basics of interior decoration.

From the chandeliers to the chairs to the amazing stage lighting to the gothic designs that adorned the walls, the scenery was breathtaking.

This brings me to my topic, if rooms could speak it would definitely have been saying; ‘’Welcome Emmanuel, to the heavenly dwelling place of the Holy Lord God Almighty.’’

Basic Principles Of Interior Design

A beautifully decorated interior should ensure it serves its function and exude the personality the owner wants it to portray.  Decorating should be more than just the eye appeal- it should make the room work for you to make it a decorating success. The essentials comprised in ensuring a room serves its function include;


1)    The Furniture:

The furniture should satisfy the function you have mapped out for the room. The furniture is a key ingredient for a successful interior decorating. The right selection of furniture sparks up a room

2)    The Lights:

The lighting to be selected should fit the function of the room as well as enhance the visual appeal. For the romantic type having a sort of dim red light in the bedroom has a way of turning up some romantic flame and sparks. 

Also to stamp in your personal signature in a well planned room, here are a few tips,

1)      Try Accessorizing

Just like a woman’s beauty is enhanced by accessorizing with jewelries, make-up, etc. so also can a room’s beauty be enhanced with the right accessories. I know you are probably wondering, does a room wear accessories? Yeah they sure do. Pillows, vases, flowers, rugs, pictures, wall arts, etc. are all examples of room accessories. The accessories should go with the theme you have planned for the room.

2)      Theme

You should be able to set up a theme and theme name for decorating your room. For example, popular Nigerian music star Tekno who recently flaunted his beautiful bedroom picture had a theme for his room which spelled out ‘music’. From the piano to the speakers to the walls in the room, even a mad man could name the theme that was used for the room.

3)      Color Cues

Now to my favorite part of interior decorating – colors. If you can get this right you have solved almost 50% of your interior decor problems already. Colors for a room should generally go with the theme you have planned for the room. Three colours shades are best suited for a room,


a)      A Primary/Supreme Color

This color is used usually for the carpeting, fabric backgrounds and the walls.

b)      A Secondary Color:

This is the color you select for your room accessories

c)       A Freestyle Color:

This is usually the kind of color you can use to instill spontaneous life and excitement into a room.

Well, these are the basics of interior decorating. I remember when I was a toddler I used to spend hours in my mum’s best friend toilet anytime we visited. Now that I’m all grown up and look back, I think I know why I did that.

That exclusively designed toilet had a way of speaking to me in a way I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I always looked forward to defecating in that special toilet. So next time you are designing your room, always have in mind, if rooms could speak; what will mine be saying?


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