After getting over with the excitement of moving into a new home, you might finally realize that there is a need to recheck your home’s lighting as more light starts to get absorbed as more things begin to get settled in. A few home lighting tips left ignored, could have you using a flash light to have a view at some corners of your home. That’s wrong! You should be able to have you eyes sink into the deepest part of your home with just as much stress as stretching your head to take a peek. This helps you to easily identify the things that are not in place in your home, and consequently give them a fix.

Following these simple home lighting tips can save you the cost of hiring an interior design specialist, you just need to trust your eyes, and a little mathematical skill for computation.

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Why Home Lighting Review Is Important

At every instance, whenever you decide to add something new into your home, you really need to consider the lighting. Moving in new furniture, putting up a new artwork or completely transforming your room, there is a need to consider what absorbs and what reflects, and strike a proper 30:70 balance. If you have very dark furniture with a bookshelf filled with books, a center rug or an area rug with a dull shade and any other property with a very low reflective power, then be sure to have the room much more lighted from up to 3 or four different angles than just making plans for a single bulb.

Our Home Lighting Checklist

Now that you understand how important the element of lighting can be in a home, let’s reveal these 3 home lighting tips that should make your home glow:

  1. How Much Lighting Is Required?

To make this simpler, a means was devised to properly give you a clue of how much light a room should get (at default).

Now measure the square footage of your home  and multiply whatever you get by 1.5

Let’s say we measured a room and came up with the measurement 30 x 20. The square footage of the room becomes 600. Multiply that figure by 1.5 and we’ll have 900. This means that the room should have a minimum of 900 watts.

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  1. Do you need a chandelier?

Then you can get the one that should fit your room perfectly. It’s laughable to have a chandelier as small as a pendulum ball dangling at the centre of a 30 x 20 sized home. Here’s the deal, add up! A home with measurement 30 x 20 should have a chandelier of 50 inches (30 + 20) in diameter.

  1. Lighting Space

According to experts and previous experiences, if you need to put a light in your hallway, it is advised to locate them strategically between every 9 – 11 feet of each other where you have a reflective wall, and 7 – 9 feet where you have a wall with a dark shade.

Now, let there be light! 🙂 

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