It is of utmost importance to properly evaluate available options in your quest to give your home the perfect shade…

Walls are as simple as life, a lot of people dislike shady deals and secrets, that’s almost the same reason why a whole lot of persons dislike dark colors, they’re judged by the presence they portray. It’s almost the same case scenario as seeing a movie and continually spotting the same bad guy in almost every movie over and over again, you later on begin to grown some sort of negative impression about the personality behind the character, now let’s talk walls and choosing the right paint shade and seen.

Many people out there are known to prefer bright (if not white) walls for their homes. While I would suggest you stick to your taste, but as a professional interior decorator, we always have to think out of the box.

When it comes to paints, the rule that works for me is, go a bit dark. That’s quite the opposite of what you would expect but there is no rule that every living room must have a chill-white feeling.


White paints can sometimes offer the best illuminations, they are perfect in terms of reflections with less strain on the eyes. The dark colors also have their good days. Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy white living rooms but going a bit dark and dramatic with dark shades of blue and grey would do no harm. It is called ‘being creative’. Interestingly, darker walls have a way of actually making a small room look a tad bigger.

Before you make up your mind on the best shades to transform your home into, you must first consider what you have, and what you don’t! It’s going to be a mismatch to have everything in your home on the bright side (hell yeah), if all your accessories, furniture, and designs are totally on the bright side, don’t you think there’s going to be a need to square it off with some darker shades?


The simple truth is this; this post is not one to cajole you on picking the choice of a brightly coloured wall, but only to help you understand that you do not have to follow the bandwagon. Some colors do not rhyme with most wallpapers you can find, while some will have you screaming at the top of your voice when you get home to find an “I love you” inscription marked out by your child.

Whatever your choice may be, decide from the known to the unknown to avoid giving your house the ‘riot’ look.

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