In basic interior decoration concepts, wallpapers are like the crème de la crème. Home owners often look beyond the expense as they look forward to the extra beauty that wallpapers add to a home. For those who are not sure which way to go, or for those who still wonder if there’s really any difference between a paint and a wallpaper, this post sticks out to you.

Wallpapers come in millions of designs and patterns, a single wallpaper design can have up to ten different shades, and that’s not all, the manufacturers keep on at their job to make more beautiful patterns. There are numerous shades and colors as well as quality and outlook. This is something you cannot get from a paint job, even if you hire a professional painter to do your home jobs. Wallpapers make it easy to express your personality to every guest that comes around. Often times, I’ve noticed many of my guests prefer to take pictures around my focal wall, which is of course, clad with a unique 3D brick-styled wallpaper.

Why do you need wallpaper?

  1. Color Uniqueness

As earlier highlighted, wallpapers come in wonderful designs and patterns, but the various colors that abound, take the cake for these elegant home décor utilities. The best part of them is that even if you choose to paint your home in a light or dark paint shade, there’s always a wallpaper that will be a perfect blend. Wallpapers come in numerous colours than paint manufacturers can make.

  1. Unique

There are professional painters who can even mark up beautiful Burberry designs on your wall making your interiors look elegant, however, these don’t come close to the loads and loads of unique design patterns that you can choose from when you decide to go for wallpapers.

  1. Effectiveness

Wallpapers are very efficient in every interior decoration theme, no matter what you already have, you do not need to go on a complete overhaul just because you’ve fallen in love with a particular wallpaper design. Wallpapers can easily blend with other wallpaper designs, or even painted walls.

  1. Emphasis

Wallpapers can be very attractive thus, they always make a statement wherever they are placed. This is the reason why they are always used at the focal wall, or strategically laid out on two adjacent walls.

  1. Lasts For Forever

Although wallpapers don’t last forever, if placed in a room with the right conditions, they can last for a very long time. A lot of persons who believe wallpapers are expensive fail to take note of the fact that wallpapers can last five times longer than paint can. On an average, wallpapers can last for as long as 12 years, while a painted wall may be repainted every two or three years.

Those who often talk about bad wallpapers can only do so due to the bad quality wallpapers they purchased, too much tampering or unprofessional installation. Next time you admire a wallpaper, don’t just stop at it, go for it!

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