Sometimes it’s just way easier to go online, do a little research on painting, get a roller and a bucket of paint, and just roll your way  to the top. Well, sometimes, DIY can be way to go for a very simple painting project. However whenever it’s time to go into a much complicating, large scale painting activity, then it’s time to make the right decision, to go PRO!

Getting A Professiona Painter And Getting It Right

A lot of experiences have been shared online about ‘professional painters’ who had no clue about the job, thanks to the rate of unemployment. They probably read a few blogs, talked their way through, and messed up your walls. This is why every serious owner should consider every extra detail, especially when it’s time to make the important decision on how to find a professional painting contractor to give your walls an excellent finish.

Following the popular principle that all good things take patience, getting a pro should involve following a step-by-step process with a zero tolerance for negative reviews. I’ve been consulted on several occasions to recommend a very good painter, most times these consultations come after the client has gotten burnt.


A few other customers slyly put up picture frames on their walls in order to hide the errors, some go all in for expensive wallpapers, these also need professionals and we’ll be talking about how to get wallpaper experts in a future post.

Now here’s a step by step guide on how to get a professional painting contractor:

How To Find A Professional Painter – Rule 1: Referrals

If you’re really serious and committed to the task of getting the best finish for your job, the wise thing to do is to seek for referrals. Have you driven past a house which you really admired? Well, there’s no law that says you can’t make an enquiry, take the bold step, ask the home owners to refer you, I’m sure they will be delighted to, especially when you tell them their house looks great. Other places to get referrals are Real Estate Agencies because they always work with painters on the go. You can also consult an interior decorator, or David, the guy at your local paint store. Once you’ve gotten some referrals, then it’s time to move on to the next step!

How To Find A Professional Painter – Rule 2: References

For a simple paint job? Heck yeah! You need references, and verifiable ones for all it’s worth. Have the shortlisted painters  furnish you with contact information of their previous customers, there’s a high chance some of their previous paint projects could be close to your area especially if you go them through a local sourcing. Spend some time over the phone with their previous customers, inspect where possible. While inspecting, be sure to check out the edges, doors, windows and trim, these areas are important because they help to draw a line between the professional painter and the amateurs.


How To Find A Professional Painter – Rule 3: Attitude

Do your best to detect the attitudes of the painter who are available for your project. Ask their previous clients how the painters reacted to make-up jobs when they were called back. Did they return or didn’t bother? Did they deliver on time or came up with excuses? Did they arrive early or sluggishly turned up late? What happened to the messed up floors after painting was completed? Are they capable of a clear communication?

How To Find A Professional Painter – Rule 4: Blame Games

Try to know what had always gone wrong, frankly ask them about their experiences with ‘bad’ paints and how they were able to remedy the situation. Ask them why the paints on their projects have suddenly turned dull, although some can be as a result of adverse weather condition, do your best to evaluate what their responses would be. A professional knows why things turn out the way they are.

How To Find A Professional Painter – Rule 5: Bids

By the time you get to this point, the contractors will know they are in for a real deal without shortcuts, Request for bids and try to find out what their time-frame for delivery will be. What other chemicals or additives have been listed, and how will it affect the result. Finally, what’s their warrantee?


Following these steps judiciously is sure to help you take out the boys from the men, thus, helping you end up with a professional painter.  Why is this important? A good painter will always give you the best advice on the right sheen, the best shade for your home, as well as a perfect finish which will help you save money in the long run, instead of getting an amateur that will have you painting your home again and again after every rainy season.

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