There’s something a lot of persons are not aware of, and that is a simple knowledge which can help them save a couple of bucks in the long run, it’s about picking the right paint sheen and applying them in the right parts of the home or office. We can all agree that not all parts of the house get equal activities, as a matter of fact, we get to spend as much time at some corners than at some other corners. So, how can you pick the most suitable paint sheen/texture for the different parts of your home?

Choosing The Ideal Paint Sheen For Your Home

In carefully making this decision, there is a basic principle to live by, A higher sheen gives off a higher shine, and a higher shine results into much more durability. Glossy paint can give off as much shine while flat paints give off none, between them are several other varieties with various price tags attached to them. A simple professional application of these paint types in the right places are sure to result in long-lasting satisfaction.


Here are simple considerations that can guide you towards picking the right sheen for your paint jobs:

Usage Area: Kitchens, Doors, Window trims.

Paint Sheen: High Gloss

The areas listed for this category of sheen if well observed, are those areas where our fingers touch regularly. Most times we head towards the cabinets, open the doors, roll open the windows, thus, this is the best option because we don’t want to leave traces. High gloss is very durable and shiny, the excessive shine is the exact reason why we cannot use it on interior walls of a house because it may result in an unpleasant reflective effect.

Usage Areas: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Chair Rails

Paint Sheen: Semi-Gloss

Oil stains on kitchen walls are definitely unpleasant, thus the usage of the High gloss sheen would be best for such areas, however, the semi gloss can also do the best job for such areas especially for people who are working with a budget. Trim works also undergo a lot of handling, nobody loves the stains that may come up as a result, thus, the high gloss or semi gloss is the way to go.


Usage Areas: Family Rooms, Kids’ Bedrooms

Paint Sheen: Satin

This is one velvety paint luster that has a yummy feel and look, this paint sheen is very durable and in most cases, people term them washable paints, that’s because stains are easily cleaned off with the use of a moist clean cloth. The only problem with this type of paint is that it does not hide the painters imperfection, thus, it requires a very skilled painter for its application. This is not a DIY type of paint.

Usage Area: Dining Rooms, Living Rooms

Paint Sheen: Egg Shells

This is a medium paint sheen with a 5/10 on a durability scale, it is known as the eggshell sheen only because it is basically as flat as the outer edge of an egg-shell, it has no shine whatsoever just like an egg. This type of paint can cover a whole lot of imperfections and can do very much towards the finishing of house areas that do not get a lot of activities.

Usage Area: Adult Bedrooms, Areas unreachable to kids

Paint Sheen: Flat or Matte

This type of paint hardly reflects light, instead, it soaks it all in, thus the kind of wall that helps to hide imperfections. It’s durability is low and thus, used for areas with less activity or for adult rooms. It is very cheap, which can also amount to more savings.


In conclusion, if you are looking towards having your room painted with a dark colour shade, it is advisable to take one step down the scale on the required sheen. This is advised because darker colours have much more colourant which helps to boost the sheen, furthermore, if a wall is imperfect, then more sheen will equal more exposure of the defects.

Choose wisely.

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