Dining tables come in various designs and styles, but it’s not just all about fashion, looks or beauty, most of these dining tables are designed in various shapes in order to fit your home’s dining space as best as possible.

It is essential that your dining table be a perfect fit for the number of diners who would gather around to break bread and have a great meal together, however, the design doesn’t end at that, it is also very important that your dining table will not be a major reason why people cannot walk around freely. You should see this article on home space management.

Another important factor to look out for, is to make sure that your table’s width is wide enough to contain as much shakers and accessories that will be placed on it. In most cases, a table which is as much as 36 inches wide should do. A longer table length should also reflect in the table’s width in order to keep your dining table’s scale appealing.

Here are the major factors to consider while shopping for a dining table:

Measure The Table To The Wall:

Having a seat that is too close to the wall is totally not ideal. Thus, it is necessary to have a dining table where a diner can sit and stand up easily from their seat without much difficulty.

Standard Procedure: always be sure to leave as much as 42-48” of space between your dining table and your wall.

Measure The Table To Other Furniture:

In the case that there is another furniture in your dining environment, be sure to start up your measurement of 42-48” from the furniture’s edge rather than the wall.

Measuring Tip:

When I’m out to measure a dining space, I usually use a table cloth that can make up the size of the intended table. This helps me assess the remaining space to properly decide if I’m following the space management principles correctly.

Table Population:

If you have just as much space for a table for 4, then please just make it a table for 4. Some persons often try to crowd their table, adding more seats than the table can comfortably contain. Every single person on a dining table needs a respectable space of about 2 feet for eating.

When there’s a larger gathering, you should be sure that your table can allow an extra seat snuck in somewhere. If it won’t fit, don’t force it.

Smaller Seating:

The dining table is not the ideal place to watch a movie, although many of us take out computers there to do some work while we’re at home. It is ideal to use a smaller seating in order to create more room. Use a seat which can be shoved beneath the table when it’s not in use.

Try A Square:

If your dining space is square in shape, then it’s only ideal you use a square table in place of a round one. The ability to see everyone’s face while eating together fosters an intimate dining culture.

Try A Round Table:

Just as sectional sofas are the best fits for small home interiors, round tables also help to make the best use of your dining space. Instead of sharp corners where anyone can bump into, they have round edges that can always take just another seat for an extra diner.

Sizing A Round Table:

Before you start up with working on a table, first off, know that a pedestal base will guarantee more seating space, this is because it creates more room for the legs, thus reducing the leg-seat friction which can take up space.

Judiciously follow these measurements:

A 3’ table with a pedestal base should take 4 diners

A 4’ table with legs should take 4 diners

A 5’ table with a pedestal base should take 6 diners

A 5’ table with legs should take 4 diners

A 6’ table with a pedestal base or legs should take 8 diners

Obviously, very large round tables will pose some difficulty when it comes to reaching to the centre to grab food, this is why rectangular tables are often ideal when it comes to a large number of diners.

Sizing A Rectangular Table

When you’re all out for a rectangular table, then it’s ideal to follow these recommendations:

A 4’ long table should take 4 diners

A 5-6’ long table should take 6 diners

A 6’ long table should take 8 diners

A 8-9’ long table should take 10 diners

A 10-11’ long table should take 12 diners

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