Recently, there’s been one hell of a battle in the hearts of design freaks. Knowing that every sketch counts, people have been torn towards making the decision on whether to use paint or put on a wallpaper to finish up their design jobs. Having done a little study on what people prefer, we have noticed that a lot of persons decided to take the easy way out, and that’s to combine both paints and wallpapers.

Should You Go With Wallpaper Or Paint?

Although a wider margin of our readers were of the opinion that wallpaper adds more color, design and style to their homes, some still held on to the other fact that they were more expensive and ‘limited’. Such that anyone can easily buy another bucket of paint, but it’s a tougher decision to make, changing your wallpaper, especially when you come to terms with the fact that you will have to cough out some more cash in the process.


Now let’s take a simple dive to analyze each of the options:


Although wallpapers are expensive, they can last for up to 15 years and over which really does make it cost effective in the long run,. Industry professionals know very well that installed wallpaper can last four times as much as paint can. We have also had cases where wallpapers are used to hide cracks and architectural imperfections, something paints can hardly do. Not forgetting the chic designs and glamour that wallpaper has to offer.


Wallpapers may be alluring but they will really set your wallet back a lot, their installation also takes more time than painting can ever take, and if you ever get bored of your design, it’s not just as easy as pulling it off! Recently manufactured wallpapers are easier to install, but the previous ones can really take a lot of time.



Paints are cheap and can come in various varieties, sometimes it is even easier to mix up several colors to get a desired tone, that’s one thing you cannot do with wallpapers. Almost anyone can also do a paint job and if you ever get tired of your paint, all you need to do is get another bucket of paint… voila!


When you’re talking about paints, you’re looking at the only available colors and what you can make out of them. Although there are a few professional painters around, not all of them can give you that desired finishing that wallpaper has to offer. Then there’s the downside of time. Some paints can take very long to dry, thus, anyone can easily get stained. Some types of paints. Like the oil paints can also react to heat  by melting and crawling sown to make a mess. Although paints are predicted to last for a period of 5-8 years, there’s a very high chance that you may have to repaint your home every two years.

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