Mood Changers: Why Lighting Is The Most Important Design Feature


When buying a new home, a few things are as important as properly redesigning its interior to match your preferences. After all, you’ve purchased it in the first place, most likely because you wanted it to become your main living area for the foreseeable future. As such, a half-baked effort simply won’t cut it here. […]

How to choose modern industrial light fixtures


Nothing brings a compliment in the house like modern industrial light fixtures. They are categorized into different styles that match your interior.  It is good to have knowledge of the various characteristics of fixtures. This includes styles, designs, purpose, finish, and types. These features will assist you in understanding how to add fixtures in your […]

Home Lighting Tips To Make Your Home Glow


After getting over with the excitement of moving into a new home, you might finally realize that there is a need to recheck your home’s lighting as more light starts to get absorbed as more things begin to get settled in. A few home lighting tips left ignored, could have you using a flash light […]